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Qseven™ has in recent years become the most widely adopted new standard for small form factor modules, specifically targeted towards applications that demand low power consumption.

The new MSC Q7-AL module features Intel's next-generation low-power System-on-Chip (SOC) for the Internet of Things. The Intel Atom Processor E3900 series integrates processor core, graphics, memory, and I/O interfaces into one solution and provides considerably higher graphics and computing performance compared to its predecessors. MSC Q7-AL offers triple independent display support, DirectX 12, fast DDR3L-1866 memory and USB 3.0 on a compact, power saving and cost-efficient Qseven Rev. 2.1 module.

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MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-AL Intel® Atom™ E3900 / Pentium® / Celeron® SOC
MSC Information Button    MSC-Q7-EL Intel® Atom™ x6000 / Pentium® / Celeron® N and J Series SOC
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-BW Intel® Atom™ / Pentium® / Celeron® SOC N3000
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-BT Intel® System on Chip (SOC) Atom™ E3800
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-IMX6PLUS NXP™ i.MX6 ARM® Cortex™-A9
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-TCTC-FD Intel® Atom™
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-MB-EP6 Qseven™ 2.0 Carrier Board
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-MB-EP5 /SimpleFlex, Application-Ready Embedded Platform Qseven Rev. 2.0
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-MB-EP4 Qseven™ Carrier Board
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-MB-RP3 Qseven™ 2.0 Evaluation Board
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-SK-BT-EP6 Starterkit for Qseven Modules with Atom E3800
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-SK-BW-EP6 Starterkit for Qseven Braswell Modules
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-SK-AL-EP6 Starterkit for Qseven Modules with Atom E3900
MSC Information Button    MSC Q7-SK-IMX6-EP4 Starterkit for Qseven Modules with i.MX6 CPU


Avnet Integrated offers customization of its standard modules according to the requirements of the customers. This will help to achieve required price points for volume projects by not populating components which are not required, i.e. less memory or less controllers of unnecessary functionality. In addition, Avnet Integrated offers to assemble Computer-on-Modules on carrier boards, optionally with suitable cooling and with memory modules inserted. 


  • Mounted and tested (memory, cooling, baseboard)
  • Individual test profile
  • Pre-configured BIOS
  • Baseboard Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

To find out more about our standard embedded board solutions and how we can design, make, supply and deliver them to suit your manufacturing needs, get in touch with us!

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