Avnet Integrated supports new Intel Atom x6000E series processors on all Computer-On-Module standards

Stutensee, Germany September 23 2020 LC

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Stutensee, Germany – September 23, 2020 – At the same time as Intel's introduction of the multi-core Intel Atom® x6000E Series processors, Avnet Integrated has incorporated these processors into all four established embedded standards, including COM Express™ Type 6 and Type 10, SMARC 2.1™ and Qseven 2.1™. The ready-to-use embedded modules and suitable design tools Avnet Integrated is planning will make the new processor technology available sooner. The future availability of standard module families will be based on the Intel Atom x6000E series, Intel Pentium, Celeron N and J series processors.

Built on 10nm process technology and formerly codenamed “Elkhart Lake”, the new Intel Atom x6000E series processors feature significant gains in computing and graphics performance compared to previous generation models with the same number of CPU cores and power dissipation.

Avnet Integrated’s Intel Atom x6000E series processor based embedded module families are designed for applications which need a cost-optimized decentral computer performance and a high connectivity. For demanding network systems, the boards offer special Real-Time functions and the support of TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking). The modules integrate high-speed USB 3.1 and PCIe Gen 3 interfaces and fast LPDDR4 memory.

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The new COM Express™ Type 6 and Type 10, SMARC 2.1™ and Qseven 2.1™ product families are designed for the extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C and reliable 24/7 continuous operation. The rugged boards are ideally suited for harsh industrial environments or outdoor systems. Typical applications are AI and industrial IoT based systems, innovative HMI systems and control units, intelligent camera systems, modern medical equipment, and smart grid solutions.

Jens Plachetka, Manager Board Platforms, Avnet Integrated, says: “Thanks to the close partnership with Intel, we are able to present the ready-to-use embedded modules at the same time as the new Intel Atom processor is introduced. As one of the leading COM manufacturers, we offer high-performance boards, which are particularly suitable for harsh industrial applications, in all commonly available standards. With the expansion of our product portfolio, we open new markets and support our customers from design-in to complete system solution.”

The comprehensive portfolio of embedded modules is developed by Avnet Integrated in its own Technology Campuses and manufactured in-house in highly automated production facilities. All boards are available for at least 15 years from introduction of the integrated processor technology.

For more information, please visit: https://www.avnet.com/wps/portal/integrated/products/embedded-boards/intel-modules

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