Avnet Integrated presents SimpleFlex, the first cost-optimized COM-based platform with flexible I/Os for HMI and IoT

Stutensee, Germany – 1st August 2019 - Designed to enable engineers to bring HMI and IoT solutions to market more quickly, SimpleFlex by Avnet Integrated is a compact embedded platform that is easy to configure and flexible to match the requirements of various applications. MSC Q7-MB-EP5, the first SimpleFlex platform offered, is designed for Avnet Integrated’s huge portfolio of x86- and ARM-based Qseven™ modules.

The ready-to-use SimpleFlex platform is cost-efficiently adapted with the required interfaces and assembled in-house at full-automatic production lines. For the customization, 34 pre-validated interface combinations are available. SimpleFlex is therefore best suited for series production with large quantities. The embedded platform can be ideally combined with all displays and touch screens from Avnet Integrated to build up a complete HMI system.

SimpleFlex embedded platform is the basis for innovative solutions in HMI systems, complex display systems, IoT gateways, professional infotainment systems, object recognition systems, transportation applications, medical devices, gaming systems and building automation, among others. MSC Q7-MB-EP5 is specified for the extended temperature range from -40°C to +85°C.

As one of the leading manufacturers of embedded modules and platforms, Avnet Integrated has state-of-the-art technologies and many years of experience with fast and reliable realization of customer-specific applications. In addition to a broad portfolio of embedded modules, the company offers complete design tools such as board support packages and support for various operating systems including BIOS. The comprehensive security solutions include Secure Boot, Secure Flash, BIOS Write Protection and the customer-specific Chain of Trust. Various heat spreaders and heat sinks are available for easy system integration.

Technical specifications:

The embedded platform SimpleFlex MSC Q7-MB-EP5 in 3.5-inch form factor (148 x 102 mm) is extremely versatile and offers a large number of functions typically required for applications with x86- and ARM-based Qseven™ modules. The Qseven™ module socket is located on the top side of the board. The embedded platform is designed for the complete Qseven™ product portfolio of Avnet Integrated and can be equipped with modules from the MSC Q7-AL (Apollo Lake), MSC Q7-BW (Braswell), MSC Q7-BT (Bay Trail), MSC Q7‑IMX6Plus (Cortex A9) and future MSC Q7-IMX8MINI (Cortex-A53) families.

The flexible MSC Q7-MB-EP5 platform offers dual Gigabit Ethernet and up to two SATA II interfaces. Further ports are available for USB 3.0, USB 2.0, RS232/485 and optional CAN. Modern displays can be connected via DisplayPort/µHDMI, LVDS and eDP. Sockets for mini PCI Express cards, for mSATA cards and SD/Micro SDs can be used to further extend the interface variety and memory diversity. The input voltage ranges from 10 VDC to 36 VDC.

An important functionality of modern applications is connectivity. Therefore, the MSC Q7-MB-EP5 can optionally be equipped with a WLAN/Bluetooth/NFC module, which will come either with on-board antenna or with an antenna connector. In the coming months, Avnet Integrated will be introducing a second SimpleFlex platform for the SMARC 2.0 module families.

Avnet Integrated's SimpleFlex platform, MSC Q7-MB-EP5

For more information, please visit: https://www.msc-technologies.eu/products-solutions/products/boards/qseven/msc-q7-mb-ep5.html

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