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Long-lived designs ensure maximized return on investment. However, technology trends advance rapidly in the digital age. That means keeping up with the latest technologies to ensure your product meets necessary technical, performance, lifecycle and pricing requirements is more important than ever.  

Avnet Integrated has a global network of design and manufacturing centers that provide the full gamut of services from design through to manufacturing, delivery and post-sales service. With this ecosystem, we can provide the insights and guidance that may not be available through your existing staff to enhance the design, functionality and lifespan of your end product. 

Our expertise in system engineering, and investments in engineering labs, tools and processes ensure you get the optimal solutions to deliver your applications. That means we can provide solutions built around off-the-shelf components, modified components or complete custom solutions designed specifically for your product needs.  

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A global ecosystem backs up strong product design

Avnet Integrated’s design expertise covers several key product design areas:  

  • Display solutions
  • Embedded boards
  • Embedded systems
  • Data center solutions
  • Cloud and IoT infrastructures

From everyday household appliances to bespoke agricultural machinery, Avnet Integrated is a key partner for manufacturers, providing expertise in product design to give manufacturers a competitive advantage, stay ahead of the latest trends and get to market faster and more profitably.

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Design expertise in a variety of subjects

Our world-class design and manufacturing centers include research and testing facilities to make sure that your product will work in the required environment. This worldwide team of product design experts can help you to tackle a huge range of challenges, including: 

  • 3d mechanical design
  • Advance exchange
  • BIOS development
  • Board support packages
  • Chassis design
  • Burn-in and testing
  • Cooling design
  • Custom x86 and ARM design
  • Touch & cover lens integration
  • Driver configuration
  • Electromechanical design
  • Optical bonding
  • Printed board assembly
  • Regulatory certification
  • System design and engineering
  • Thermal, signal and functional simulations
  • Touch parameterization

Avnet Integrated has invested in global design and manufacturing centers of excellence to design, assemble, configure, test and ship products on behalf of its customers.

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