Solutions to simplify IoT

Through our end-to-end suite of IoT services, Avnet can help you realize your potential. We have the technology, relationships and expertise to bring your idea to life and can work with you at any stage in your product development and in any portion of your IoT project—from edge to enterprise.  

We can help you design the devices and infrastructure you need to connect, collect and transfer data, on premise or to the cloud. Avnet Integrated has a diverse range of edge, gateway and computing solutions as well as teams of engineers specializing in software, security, computing, wireless, storage, server and cloud to guide you to success.

End-to-end IoT solutions

Avnet Integrated can deliver a complete IoT solution for your business. Our solutions range from remote monitoring through to predictive maintenance, from one site to hundreds and include sensor to gateway connectivity, wired and wireless. We customize or tailor-make the perfect module, board, box PC, panel computer or finished product to suit your exact needs, and help you get it connected. What’s more, Avnet can help you implement and maintain your IoT products while optimizing everything for recurring revenue opportunities. 

Our experts will also help secure your hardware against malicious threats. Using Microsoft Azure, we support token-based device level authentication and transport layer encryption keeping both your hardware and data safe. We use state of the art security in Application Control, Embedded Control and Integrity Control as well as custom image creation for all Windows-based platforms.

Jumpstart your IoT projects 

We offer pre-tested device and platform combinations that easily connect with Microsoft Azure IoT offerings. This includes predictive analytics services that will help you make smarter decisions, improve customer service and uncover new business possibilities from your structured, unstructured and streaming IoT data. You’ll spend less time testing device compatibility by starting with trusted devices that are certified as compatible with the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Azure IoT Hub

By partnering with Avnet Integrated, you can focus on innovation and your customers - knowing that all design, supply chain and manufacturing considerations are in the hands of experts.

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