Optimized platform in a plug-and-play appliance

Dedicated, optimized appliances from Avnet are tailor-made, plug-and-play solutions that deliver the exact server, storage and networking functionality your application needs, when and where it’s needed.

Avnet can provide hardware appliances in various rack form factors that support a broad range of software applications, delivered in an on-premises dedicated hardware unit. The optimizations built into these appliances support performance and technical requirements, with a balanced approach to meeting financial requirements as well.


Designing, assembling, configuring and testing these units is typically outside the core expertise of software providers, and it requires an investment that can detract from your core focus. That redirection of attention and resources can challenge the innovation your business depends on. Along those same lines, the need to supply hardware appliances to meet end-customer demand can negatively impact your profitability.

Provisioning appliances typically requires services such as on-site installation, service and support that require additional investments. And disposal and recycling of hardware in a compliant manner adds further to operational complexity. Partnering with Avnet can eliminate these challenges, enabling you to focus more completely on your business’s primary strengths and focus on value for your customers.

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Dependable partnership for capabilities right out of the box

Partnering with Avnet enables your business to unlock new product potential, using appliance solutions built on leading server, storage and networking technologies. That helps take the risk and complexity out of getting your IP to market quickly and effectively, including expansion into new industries and geographies.

For growth scenarios such as these, Avnet offers global supply chain management, logistics and import/export expertise. We can also accelerate the process of gaining the regulatory certifications you need to enter those new markets.

We also help software companies deliver a complete solution to end users or resellers, packaged with software licenses, operation manuals, and custom branding. Through our unique Virtual Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) program, you gain financial advantages of application sales while simultaneously obtaining the tangible benefits of providing a plug-and-play solution. The result is faster time-to-revenue, lower support costs and enhanced customer experiences.

To complete the picture, Avnet can provide full post-sale support, including field installation and maintenance, technical support and advance exchange programs to deliver replacement systems in case of outages, direct to your end customer’s site. In sum, the result is a turnkey approach that can usher in new levels of productivity and profitability for your company.

World-class results without headaches

Avnet is the clear choice for the design and development of state-of-the-art appliance solutions. Our expertise includes the development of documented processes for consistent builds, without deviation. These designs can be based on off-the-shelf equipment, validated, assembled, configured and tested to meet your performance requirements. We have completed this process for thousands of customers, and we can do it for you as well—quickly and cost-effectively.

Our design and engineering centers of excellence stand at the ready to develop appliance solutions for your applications. Our network of service experts stretches all over the world to extend your presence wherever you plan to expand next. And our unparalleled ecosystem of partnerships gives you access to hardware technology that can make your software capabilities shine, driving up customer satisfaction with your solutions.

Virtual OEM Program

Maintain the financial advantages of a software company while realizing the tangible benefits of being an OEM

  Companies selling software only

  • Reduce sales cycles and speed time-to-revenue
  • Reduce support issues and costs by controlling the entire solution
  • Maintain control of your brand
  • Continue to avoid transacting hardware which can degrade margins

Companies selling software with hardware

  • Enhance profit margins by eliminating hardware drag
  • Eliminate double markup on hardware, increase price of software or make your solution more competitive
  • Maintain all the benefits of having a turnkey solution

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