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Today, software companies are forced to choose between achieving higher profit margins and making it easy and efficient for their customers to get their applications. With Avnet Direct Connect, your company can experience the best of both through an optimized plug and play solution in a model that allows you to invest more into your intellectual property (IP).

Invest in your software

Your company is focused on developing groundbreaking applications that reach maximum potential in user experience. Offering your application as a turnkey solution means not only performance benefits for your customers, but reduced support costs for your business.

For companies looking for the user experience benefits of a hardware-enabled solution, while maintaining the financial advantages of a software-only model, Avnet Direct Connect can help strike that balance.

Avnet Direct Connect, a financial service that offers a low to no touch model for hardware or complete solution transactions with your customers, offers the best of both worlds – an optimized plug and play solution in a model that allows you to invest more into your intellectual property.

Creating efficiencies for your business

We start with reducing technology complexities by recommending industry leading server and storage platforms to meet your technical requirements. Avnet can then modify or customize those off-the-shelf technologies by integrating memory and drives and loading your application. We’ll perform system burn-in and testing before delivering the solution directly to your company’s end customers or resellers.

With Avnet Direct Connect, Avnet streamlines your operations by facilitating all aspects of the financial transaction for your complete solution, or just the hardware portion, with your end customers. Your solution is then delivered with product manuals, software licenses and custom branded packaging of your choice.

More profitability, less complexity

Your company doesn’t have to choose between achieving your business goals and delighting your customers. We’ll help you handle the hardware, allowing your team to focus on your next innovation.

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