Turnkey solutions for on-premise deployments

Data center solutions from Avnet Integrated include servers, storage, networking technologies and complementary capabilities that are fully integrated for your requirements.

While many companies rely on engineered computing systems to deliver their intellectual property to market, hardware may not be their primary focus or competency. If your company provides enterprise software, for example, your customers may expect you also to deliver hardware appliances to host it that are high-quality, cost-effective and flexible.

There’s just one big problem for your business: building and supporting hardware adds operational expense and distraction away from value-added innovation. Yet if your competitors offer full-stack, turnkey hardware and software solutions, they may have an advantage among customers looking for simple paths to deployment.

That’s where Avnet Integrated comes in as your trusted partner to design, build, configure and support data center hardware solutions as a vehicle for your software IP. Relieving you of that burden lets you focus squarely on adding value to your core business offerings.

Reducing the effort to deliver data center excellence

By handling the hardware required for you to deliver software functionality, Avnet speeds up the time to innovation for your company. Our global design and manufacturing centers of excellence enable you to reach new markets quickly and efficiently, anywhere in the world.

We also offer logistics, import/export expertise, supply chain management and assistance with regulatory clearance when extending your solutions to new industries and geographies. What’s more, Avnet takes care of the design, assembly, configuration, testing and shipping requirements for your solution. Our network of service experts can address operational needs such as field installation and maintenance, technical assistance for customers and programs for exchange and repair in case of equipment failures.

Avnet can even allow you to function as a virtual OEM, obtaining appliance hardware for your product, loading and configuring your software on it and shipping it to your end customers, using your custom branding.

Our end-to-end support for data center solutions allows you to reinvest in core business activities so you can focus on generating revenue instead of tangential activities. You can add more to your profit margin and customer satisfaction by taking advantage of our expertise, flexible product development and deployment models, relationships with top technology partners and our global scale.

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The best fit for your success

As experts in the design, development and support of enterprise-grade hardware, Avnet offers a fast lane for your company to take advantage of in the provision of full-stack technology solutions built around your software offerings. We can streamline your operations while safeguarding your customers’ needs for uptime, customer service and security. Our datacenter solutions run the gamut in terms of the market segments where they are used, including the following:

  • Enterprise storage, for applications that include data management, storage virtualization and enterprise backup and recovery solutions.
  • Media and entertainment, for applications that include graphics and branding, video editing, playout servers and video archiving.
  • Network security, for applications that include network firewalls, threat-detection appliances and endpoint protection and backup.
  • Communications and networking, for applications that include unified communications, wide-area networking and virtual customer premise equipment.

Avnet can help you strengthen your presence in each of these market segments, delivering added value to your customers and strengthening your brand.


Avnet can provide hardware appliances in various rack form factors that support a broad range of software applications, delivered in an on-premises dedicated hardware unit. 

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