Server Solutions and Systems Integration (LC)

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Server Solutions and Systems Integration

Through partnerships with global technology providers and in-house expertise, we can ensure your server solution is configured for optimal performance and is secure, reliable and efficient.

1. Rely on Trusted Experts

2. Build for Tough Environments

3. Protect your Operations

Tap into our engineering talent to
help you jointly design solutions that
meet your specific requirements.
Save development time, stay
focused on your ideas and let us
help you get them to market faster.
Edge developments bring
productivity and applications closer
to use cases even in the harshest
of environments. We test for high
performance in situations where
the stakes are high so you can be
sure your solution is secure and
fit for purpose.
Security is paramount at the edge
as well as throughout the network,
and its designed into our products
and solutions and built into our
supply chain. We can help you
protect data, critical
infrastructure and operations.

Deep Expertise

  • Our team of experts can offer unbiased advice to help you find the best hardware and software solution to meet your business needs, price and performance requirements.
  • Through assistance with product lifecycle and roadmap planning we can ensure you’re always at the forefront of innovation.
  • We can help you through every development stage from selection, first article, regulatory and new product introduction.


Strong relationships

  • We have long standing, direct relationships with leading technology brands, renowned for their innovation.
  • Our exclusive OEM partnerships allow us to provide extended warranties and contract privileges not available direct.
  • Direct relationships eliminate margin stacking and provides access to a range of other financial advantages.


Unmatched systems integration capabilities

Whatever your needs Avnet Integrated can supply complete server, storage array, networking and full-rack integration services wherever in the world you need them.


Basic integration

Standard integration

Complex integration

Drive & memory configuration

Custom bezel & branding

OS installation

BIOS & firmware update

Basic functional testing

RAID & cluster setup

Rack, stack, label & power

BIOS & firmware config

Application load & config

Design validation testing

Configure to order

Custom racking & cabling

Operating system customization

Customer site-specific data load

Custom test automation

Simple server builds

Advanced servers & rack builds

Highly custom & variable builds


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