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At Avnet Integrated we help our customers to design the perfect display solution for their product from end to end. One area we specialize in is coverlens design and integration. From food mixers to kiosks, from industrial machinery to public transport, we design and integrate the perfect coverlens designs to make sure displays and touch panels are visible, reliable, useable and safe in their required environments. We work with the world’s best glass and other transparent material manufacturers to create bespoke coverlens designs as well as supplying pre-approved standard types.

The best way to work with us is to reach out and tell us about your requirements. Our in-house experts then work with you to advise on the best solution for your product. Check out the videos below from one of our Display Innovation experts explaining the key options to consider when choosing a coverlens type. Fill in the ‘Let’s Talk’ form to start a conversation.


Coverlens Types Overview

In this video, we give a quick introduction to the basic coverlens types available, with some considerations for fitting it into a product.


Coverlens Printing Options

In this video we discuss types of printing for design and practical applications.


Coverlens Processing Options

In this video we discuss options for mechanical processing of glass for various purposes, including shaping and cutting for particularly bespoke applications.


Coverlens Safety

In this video we explain treatments with a focus on safety and resilience, comparing the ways in which different glass types break. Safety and security are critical when designing a product with a display, and we are experts in designing displays for demanding environments where safety is paramount.


Coverlens Reflective Coatings

In this video we compare reflective coatings for coverlenses, the advantages of each, and how they would suit particular applications.


If you need a display design for your product and need to speak to the world’s best experts, then get in contact using the form below, or call one of our worldwide offices directly. We design, manufacture and assemble displays, touch screens, HMIs and full systems for a wide range of businesses in demanding industries, from household appliances to robots

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