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Getting your product to market faster

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Avnet Integrated has earned the reputation of being one of the leading display solutions providers globally. We work with a broad range of customers across a vast spectrum of applications to identify, design, manufacture, deliver and support both complete display solution and standalone technologies.

Our unique capabilities, deep technology expertise, and unmatched global reach allow us to move quickly and get our customers to market on-time and on-budget.

Display technologies

Let Avnet Integrated guide you to the right LCD and touch technologies for your next product innovation. With our vast line card and display technology know-how we can quickly identify and deliver the right display technologies to you, for your unique application, anywhere in the world.

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Finding the right display technology for your application while meeting technical specifications can be daunting. From passive to TFT and AMODEL to MIP, our long-standing relationships with the leading suppliers provide access to the best technologies while our experts provide guidance to make the right choice.

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Identifying the right touch technologies is critical to the success of your user experience. Avnet Integrated offers a wide range of touch technologies, including our own proprietary PCAP products, along with a complete portfolio of PCAP, infrared and resistive technologies from our partners.

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Display solutions

In addition to providing off-the-shelf LCD and touch technologies, Avnet Integrated can custom design and manufacture your entire display solution including the cover lens, surface enhancements, touch controller, LCD, frame and chassis to meet your unique user experience, application and environmental requirements.

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Mechanical & Touch Integration

Customizing a touch display to deliver the best experience is often complex. Avnet Integrated has the capability and expertise to integrate your display with custom cover lenses, surface enhancements, touch screens, as well as perform the mechanical and electrical design to limit noise and interference.

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Our proprietary SimplePlus Displays platform drastically reduces the time required to develop and bring to market a custom touch screen display. We achieve this by leveraging decades of experience designing thousands of custom displays to quickly identify and customize the right solution for your application.

Avnet Integrated's SimplePlus Displays

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Cut your development time in half

Find out how SimplePlus can speed up your time to market.

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3 use cases for embedded platforms enabling HMIs and IoT systems

Avnet Integrated takes the complexity out of embedding HMIs for demanding markets. In this article, we go through three common examples.

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A full portfolio of capabilities to customize and validate your display solution:

  • Cover lens design
  • Mechanical design
  • Optical bonding
  • Optical and film enhancements
  • Surface treatments
  • UV protection
  • Air gap bonding
  • Radiation absorption filers
  • EMI certification
  • Grounding design
  • False touch prevention
  • OS compatibility
  • Low level embedded support

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Experienced across applications

No matter your application, chances are, Avnet Integrated has developed a similar display solution in the recent past. This means we understand many of the unique requirements of your application and possess the experience and know-how to quickly develop a display solution for your device.


  • Dental device


  • Limousine control
  • Train signage
  • Fish finder


  • Parcel locker/pickup
  • Coffee machine
  • Butcher station


  • Human machine interface
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Gas detector


  • Slot machine
  • Blowing game

Building Automation

  • Smart home control

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Get in touch with Avnet Integrated today to tell us about your product challenges and see how we can help you to integrate displays and touch solutions faster, more reliably and more cost-effectively than ever before.

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