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User experience is the paramount driving factor when designing a touch screen for your application. But aesthetics are just one part of it. Any failure of the display to operate reliably and intuitively can be a negative reflection on both your product and brand.

Designing and delivering a display solution that meets all user experience and regulatory requirements is outside of the core expertise of most systems engineering teams. Doing so on time and on budget makes the challenge even more daunting for product managers.

Avnet Integrated’s expertise and experience have made us one of the world’s largest and strongest providers of touch display solutions. With Avnet Integrated, you never have to trade user experience for speed and cost.

Speed meets agility

We can cut your time to market in half with our know-how, earned from designing thousands of displays over the course of decades. Our expertise ensures speed is not sacrificed in order to achieve regulatory certifications. What’s more, our global scale delivers agility typically afforded only to the world’s largest consumers of touch display solutions.

Introducing SimplePlus

Avnet Integrated’s SimplePlus platform provides a new agile approach to display customization by leveraging a range of off-the-shelf LCD and validated touch assemblies, making your first unit ready for delivery in less than 48 hours. We help you:

  • Improve user experience with limitless design possibilities
  • Cut time to market with our agile approach
  • Reduce risk by leveraging proven designs

Together with your product and engineering teams, our expert touch and display engineers bring you ideas, insights and ultimately innovation.

Avnet Integrated's SimplePlus Displays

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Technology expertise in:

  • LCD
  • Touch sensor
  • TFT
  • MIP
  • Free-form
  • QD-Enhanced

Customized for your application:

  • Cover lens design
  • Mechanical design
  • Optical bonding
  • Optical and film enhancements
  • Surface treatments
  • EMI certification
  • Grounding design
  • False touch prevention
  • OS compatibility

A guide for your journey

Our full expertise, experience and capabilities are at your disposal. Our global teams and resources are standing by to ensure your next display project exceeds your customers expectations while keep your team focused on meeting business objectives.

Connect with Avnet Integrated today and jump-start your next display innovation.

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