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Customizing your display to deliver a positive user experience can make or break your product. The environment in which your application is deployed is one of the largest considerations to make when bring your solution to market.

Consider your environment

Will your device be deployed outside? Will it need coatings to reduce glare from sunlight? How durable will your glass need to be to prevent accidental breakage or vandalism? Will your display be used in a medical or industrial environment? Must it protect against liquids and dust? Must it work with a glove, a finger, or a pen?

Avnet Integrated has experience with developing outdoor and ruggedized solutions for a host of applications.

Consider impact of noise on performance

Noise interference can create false touch and hurt responsiveness. Uncertain how standardized coupled noise disturbs the touch when coupled into your power line or charger?

Mechanical or electrical necessities directly influence the performance of the whole display unit. We are happy to guide you through, to avoid painful redesigns at a later stage. We may even help to reduce revision counts by identifying problem areas right from start, and to overcome those together with your own engineers.

Consider your brand

Your device needs to stand out amongst competitors in the market. The cover design, shape and size of your human-machine interface are all important in creating a differentiated experience for your user and promoting your brand. Avnet Integrated is happy to support you during the integration design process with our Display Solution.

Regardless of how complex or simple your solution may be, Avnet Integrated will work hand-in-hand with you to achieve the best design and integrate your solution.

We are most happy to guide you along your journey from the earliest idea through production and support. Engaging early in a design allows us to understand your requirements from scratch, and it gives us the chance to provide well directed guidance to your success right at the beginning.

Let’s deliver a better user experience, together

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Our full expertise, experience and capabilities are at your disposal. Our global teams and resources are standing by to ensure your next display project exceeds your customers’ expectations while keep your team focused on meeting business objectives.

Connect with Avnet Integrated today and jumpstart your next display innovation.

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