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Avnet Integrated is a world leader in touch display solutions. From precision medical devices to consumer kitchen products, Avnet Integrated designs, configures, integrates and supplies touch displays for OEMs all over the world. Our in-house team of design experts understand the challenges that OEMs face when integrating a touchscreen into their product designs, including environmental challenges, electrical challenges and considerations relating to usage, using our unparalleled network of suppliers and our own engineering teams to create prototypes in record time for testing. 

Avnet Integrated can supply touch components as-is, or integrate them in with display and compute components and even custom chassis at one of our Global Technology Campuses, providing a complete touch display solution ready to be built into your product. If you need help with building a touch solution for your product, fill in the form at the link below to let us know how we can help, or find out more about the touch solutions we provide below. 

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Avnet Integrated offers high-quality touchscreens leveraging a variety of industry technologies, including projective capacitive (PCAP), resistive and infrared (IR). These touchscreens can be enhanced with special coatings to meet the requirements of your application and environment.

Developed from years of experience designing and manufacturing touch displays and human-machine interfaces (HMIs), Avnet Integrated’s own SimplePlus Touch line offers three market-leading PCAP technologies: DITO, Nano FF and Large Size Mesh FF. SimplePlus Touch uses our in-house expertise and our wide range of components to create pre-configured solutions for a wide variety of scenarios. Using these verified designs means you can go from idea to full production in less than half the time of any other display solution provider. 

Description: Dual-sided indium tin oxide for small and medium sized touch applications

Ideal for: Indoor and Marine applications

Sheet resistance: 60-90ohm/sq

Patterning process: Sputtering & etching

Transmittance: > 90%

Haze: < 3%

Size: 3.5” – 27”

Glass thickness:  < 2mm

Description: Small and medium sized screens deployed in more rugged environments

Ideal for: Indoor and outdoor, No color change/UV resistance

Sheet resistance: 20-30ohm

Patterning process: Roll-to-roll, sheet, laser

Transmittance: > 89%

Haze: < 2%

Size: 3.5” – 32”

Glass thickness:  Up to 10mm

Description:  Cost-effective option larger format touch applications up to 98”

Ideal for: Indoor and outdoor, No color change/UV resistance

Sheet resistance:  10-20ohm/sq

Patterning process:  Roll-to-roll, sheet, laser

Transmittance:  > 85%

Haze:  < 2%

Size:  32” – 98”

Glass thickness:   Up to 10mm

Solving the challenges of touch

Avnet Integrated specializes in building technology for challenging environments. Touch displays are prone to a wide range of environmental challenges or requirements relating to usage, and Avnet Integrated's touch team is regularly called upon by OEMs to solve for specific situations. 

These challenges might include: 

  • Electrical interference
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Sensitive environments
  • Usage with gloves
  • Liquid and dust resistance
  • Tamper-proofing
  • Air gap bonding

In addition to solving these challenges, Avnet Integrated also provides certifications of compliance with various industry standards to ensure compatibility and functionality. Read our white paper for more about touch challenges. 


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