Out-of-the-box artificial intelligence for image based solutions

Functional Platform Solution for Deep Learning Video Analytics at the Edge

Avnet Integrated’s new all-in-one AI box is a Market Ready Solution perfect for security, surveillance, manufacturing, machine vision and logistics solution providers looking to accelerate their development with hardware purpose-built for image processing.

Leveraging Intel’s OpenVINO platform and other cutting edge technology, this “Intelligent Vision” solution is a combination of AI-Optimized hardware and software providing out of the box Intelligent Video analytics at the edge.

Speed up your Innovation by leveraging Avnet’s quick start functional platform for easy evaluation of hard and software building blocks preconfigured for your application.

Talk to us about your solution, and Avnet Integrated can customize the box to suit your specific environment. Connect the box to an existing image capture network or build new solutions from scratch.

Simple object detection and GDPR compliant people recognition at the edge using a combination of different functionalities like:

Optimized AI EDGE Computing

Graphic depicting the components of a market ready video AI solution

Object Recognition

  • Detection / Tracking
  • Positioning
  • Counting
  • ANPR-Recognition

Behavior Analysis

  • Intrusion detection
  • Line crossing
  • Idleness
  • Movement detection

Potential applications include:

  • Factory Automation
  • Store Optimization
  • Inventory Control
  • Asset Protection
  • Security Control
  • Traffic Optimization

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