Capable & Energy Efficiency in Power Management

The topic of energy efficiency cannot be solved without suitable power components and power supplies. Under the leadership claim, Avnet Integrated has combined a wide range of products for power supply and power management in order to intensify technical support for embedded customers with industrial and IoT applications. 

Driving Innovation high Power Application

As with all other product segments, our specialists for Power Management in Analogue and Digital, Optoelectronics and Sensor Technology have profound technical expertise. You as a user can not only benefit in the search for the ideal but also in application development and possible subsequent redesigns. For example, features about the newest developments in energy efficiency are one of the most important issue.

Power right from the genuine source

Power: it’s a requirement for every piece of equipment or product you develop. What’s more, you need to get your power right to get maximum performance.


Power solutions

  • Customer requirements drive services and support with the ultimate goal of delivering the best solutions
  • Applications leverage with design experience
  • We use knowledge of manufacturer product roadmaps, reference designs, tools and design.
  • We have assembled a team of Avnet, supplier and partner resources to deliver a true power supply chain by high Efficiency


High-Power Devices

Avnet Integrated is supplying Power Supply components for discrete developing in rugged and standard environments. MOSFETs, IGBTs, SIC, Fast Diodes Rectifiers are suitable in applications as Inverters, Motor Drive, Induction Heating, Welding system and Power Supply. The high Power portfolio include many components for industrial, medical and automotive applications. 

Power Management & IOT

Driving the Power Supply revolution with innovative AC/DC controller. Comprehensive portfolio of Power management ICs, DC/DC Converter and Regulators which include the right product for customer projects. Features include low supply current, high input voltage, large output current, and high accuracy. IoT is like a spiderweb! We drive the Power Management.

Driver & General IC`s

This large energy-efficient portfolio include Gate Drivers for MOSFETs & IGBTs, General ICs for Video input/output interface solutions, a comprehensive Optocoupler line up, PWM Controller, PFC devices and Hall Sensors ICs. As well we offer solution with leading provider for video Input/output interface.

Transceiver Transformer Laser (MM)

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Transceiver & Transformer & Laser

Optical pluggable transceiver are used for Metro/Regional DWDM applications as well as data center applications. LAN transformers modules are suitable for Ethernet applications and general Network. 30 years of considerable experience in Laser photonics industry

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