Introducing SimpleFlex by Avnet Integrated

The new standard in embedded computing

SimpleFlex is the intelligent combination of a standard Computer-On-Module (COM) with a standard carrier board. It combines the advantages of Standard SBC and Custom SBC by choosing the COM from a huge portfolio of CPU and memory configuration.

This is the basis for innovative solutions in HMI systems, complex display systems, IoT gateways, professional infotainment systems, object recognition systems, transportation applications, medical devices, gaming systems and building automation, among others.

The ready-to-use platform is cost-efficiently adapted with the selected interfaces and assembled in-house at full-automatic production lines. For the customization, more than 30 pre-validated interface combinations are available. SimpleFlex is therefore best suited for series production with large quantities.



SimpleFlex is the perfect way to go from prototype to mass production with the perfect embedded compute solution in record time. You can reduce development times and cost without sacrificing on flexibility. 

  Standard SBC Custom SBC SimpleFlex
Low Cost ✔✔✔ ✔✔✔
Flexibility — — ✔✔ ✔✔✔
Time to Market ✔✔✔ — — — ✔✔✔
Low Development
✔✔✔ — — — ✔✔✔



  • From idea to solution in record time
  • Just selection and configuration, with minimal development
  • Standard cooling solutions
  • Built-in versatility from many customization options
  • ARM and x86 scalability = carrier assembly variants
  • Optimized by design for low production cost and simple customization
  • Industrial temperature range from -40°C to +85°C

Works with SimplePlus

Get the perfect HMI for your product by combining SimpleFlex and SimplePlus

The embedded platform can be ideally combined with Avnet Integrated’s SimplePlus platform, that provides a new agile approach to display customization by leveraging a range of off-the-shelf LCD and validated touch assemblies, making your first unit ready for delivery in less than 48 hours. Read more.

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Works with SimplePlus

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