Communications and networking

Emerging technologies and digital transformation initiatives give network service providers and telecommunications firms a means to introduce innovative services and develop unique business models.

Software-defined infrastructures continue to gain traction. Virtualized components become more sophisticated—in the process replacing legacy hardware devices. In this environment, network service providers and telecommunications companies can benefit from the ability to leverage software to efficiently process data, voice and messaging communications.
For telcos and communications service providers, Avnet Integrated Solutions develops data center appliances that free customers to create new revenue streams and expand market reach into new areas. As demand for more efficient networks rises, communications software providers are pressed to shift their business models and focus on new pricing and delivery models.

Communications solutions providers seeking a competitive edge in this industry sector find that Avnet’s Virtual OEM program speeds the transition to software-only transactions while still delivering engineered plug-and-play hardware solutions. This approach minimizes the significant capital expenditures that burden a traditional OEM, maximize profit margins by eliminating hardware drag and lead to a faster time-to-revenue following product launch.
We can also help strengthen your business objectives by providing supporting alliances and industry connections that can fill in any gaps in terms of hardware, software or strategic positioning of your product for maximum success in the market.

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Application examples

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) deployments have unlocked opportunities for communication service providers and telcos to refine and extend mobile networking, develop self-provisioning capabilities for customers, create new service models to attract customers, and contend with competitive market pressures. Demanding telco service requirements can be better accommodated and system resources balanced by agile SDN/NFV implementations.

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