Enterprise storage

Enterprises struggling to cope with escalating volumes of data—much of it collected for use by data analytics tools—need access to dynamic storage resources, as well as software applications to backup, manage, and analyze data.

Trends in the IT industry point to a sharp rise in the collection, management and storage of data, calling for new applications and services that can extract business value and intelligence from big data sources and other enterprise operations. Emerging technologies, such as software-defined storage, can dynamically increase storage resources within a virtualized environment and tame the influx of big data assets in an automated way.

To address the growing interest in agile, high-volume enterprise storage systems, innovative software companies are building applications to exploit the capabilities of this technology. We work with you to integrate storage solutions into the wider IT infrastructure, taking advantage of technology advances, such as solid-state drives, cloud-based consolidated storage infrastructure, database backup and recovery systems, archiving systems and more.

To help enterprises cope with the challenge of managing massive volumes of unstructured data, nimble storage solutions are needed that work seamlessly within a modern IT environment and also help lower CAPEX and OPEX costs. Solutions that help meet the challenge of big data capture, filtering, storage and access—in support of data analytics applications—are also in high demand.
Avnet Integrated Solutions complements your expertise in software development with a deep understanding of storage technologies and integration capabilities, working with you to build cost-effective storage solutions that address difficult challenges and fulfill your customer expectations.

racks of data storage devices in data center

Application examples

Many big data applications rely on captured data from the IoT network edge, requiring intelligent edge devices and smart gateways to filter and aggregate data, limiting the volumes of data imported through network servers and stored for analysis to manageable levels. Configuring Solid State Drives to work within a software-defined storage environment can provide backup and utility storage to handle dynamically changing storage needs. Server mirroring and recovery systems relying on modern storage technologies can reduce system downtime and ensure rapid recovery in the case of failures.

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