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The technology of modern gaming—from casino slot machines to digital table displays—has made rapid advances in parallel with the rest of the computer industry. Human-machine interfaces, high-definition displays, voice and facial recognition technologies, enhanced touch screens, and related areas offer pathways to innovative products.

Digital transformation of the gaming industry is proceeding at a pace consistent with other industry sectors. Casino owners and operators employ advanced technologies to track customer activities, spot counterfeiting with chips embedded with RFID tags, identify known card counters with facial recognition, reinforce loyalty programs with specific customer offerings and leverage cloud technologies to gain analytical insights into every area of the business.

Data analytics systems give casino operations managers a view of activity across the gaming floor to help maximize business efficiency. Business intelligence developed using captured data reveals budget projections versus the actual return on investment. Slot management and table management applications can collect real time data over the network and use it to develop metrics to forecast improvement opportunities and operating constraints. Avnet Integrated Solutions can help develop the right solutions for your needs using the latest technologies to help you compete in the demanding gaming industry sector.

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Bringing a product to market in the competitive gaming sector represents a substantial investment for companies. Receiving regulatory approval for these products is expensive, so it is critical that systems are designed properly and their technologies available for as long as possible to maximize return on the investments. Avnet Integrated Solutions can help identify the correct technologies; validate the system configuration; and build, test and deliver the systems to the gaming manufacturer. We can quickly resolve supply chain issues and develop a road map to ensure long-term viability of the technologies while planning for future transitions. By offering support over your product’s lifecycle, we help you maximize you technology investment and smooth the transition from generation to generation.

casino interior and many electronic gaming consoles

Technologies and Solutions (Static HTML)

Technologies and Solutions


  • High end server/desktop/mobile processors
  • Future proofed I/O, PCIe Gen 4/5, high port count


  • Atom / Core U x86 and ARM performance class
  • Compact solutions for cost sensitive applications

COM Express

  • Broad selection of mobile processors, longevity support
  • Scalable performance, multi screen support

System Solutions

  • Design, integration, manufacturing services
  • Main boards, carriers, enclosure/frames
  • Security HW/SW, Trust of Chain


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Application examples

Casino surveillance systems can help identify instances of fraud and illegal activities. Systems and software to manage casino operations help ensure smooth business operations and compliance with regulatory concerns. Gaming machine developers require an understanding of the underlying technologies and integration of the right combination of human interfaces, embedded intelligence, and enclosure design.

High End Gaming Platforms

  • Uncompromising performance level
  • Multiplayer platforms, workload consolidation
  • Video walls, multi screen solutions

Single Player Stations

  • Performance upgrades, technology refresher
  • Investment protection
  • Cost consolidation

Compact Terminal Solutions

  • Sport bets
  • Bar tops
  • Cash handling

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