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Video tools and digital media technologies are revolutionizing communication today. Those content creators and media outlets that work daily with digital content development and distribution are looking for solutions that make workflow easier, content delivery more efficient, and open possibilities for innovative product offerings.

Media habits around the world are changing rapidly, with streaming services, online gaming and social networking content increasingly gaining popularity. This trend parallels the rise in media traffic over the Internet and wireless channels that call for solutions to process content for distribution, transcode content to appropriate formats, manage the assets used for creating content, insert ads into media and orchestrate the cloud-based services that provide content delivery.

Avnet Integrated Solutions works with the leading digital media innovators behind the applications that capture, edit, process, store and deliver content for media outlets around the world. Our goal is to make it possible for these innovators to bring their applications to market as efficiently as possible and deliver amazing new features to their customers as efficiently as possible by handling all aspects of hardware design, integration, testing, certification, delivery and support.

As experts in appliance solutions, we can help you develop products that leverage the best technologies and proven capabilities. Gain a unique edge on competitors by using Avnet’s Virtual OEM program, tailored for software companies that want to boost profit margins by eliminating the margin drag of hardware, while still delivering customer a turnkey appliance.

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Application examples

Data created from video capture, editing and rendering requires storage and archiving systems with the power to handle the tremendous volumes of content. Video editing processes developed for streamlining specialized needs, such as feeding news outlets or automatically distributing customized content to specific worldwide outlets, make business sense for high-volume video producers. Media Asset Management systems make it possible for news and post-production teams to more easily assemble content for streaming or distribution. Dialogue search tools can rapidly find and preview media clips using spoken-word technology.

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