Network security

Cybersecurity threats to enterprises and cloud service providers are on the rise, with the sheer number of attacks increasing and new destructive approaches, such as ransomware, emerging. Applications that defend against these threats and secure enterprise assets are in high demand. Continually evolving attack methods will require new forms of cybersecurity to minimize risk.

Enterprises and cloud service providers are bracing for new forms of network security threats as attack methods become more sophisticated and global regulations, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, require rigorous protections be implemented for the storage, transfer and processing of data. The heightened need for strengthened security provides opportunities for companies to develop solutions to mitigate risk, such as network firewalls, encryption engines, content filtering devices, intrusion detection appliances, backup and recovery systems and antivirus scanning devices.

Avnet Integrated Solutions works with companies trusted to develop the impenetrable security applications and equipment designed to protect corporate assets, consumers’ digital privacy, and provide rapid recovery in instances where breaches or system shutdowns place businesses’ or their customers’ data at risk. As part of the comprehensive services that we offer, to simplify your product launch, we secure inventory, build, test, and drop ship the released security devices to the selected data centers of your choice.

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Application examples

Next-generation firewall equipment can ensure full, multilayered security across the enterprise network. Email security appliances help block threats from phishing attacks, ransomware, and other cyber threats that are circulated through email messages. Appliances or hosted solutions at the network edge secure Wi-Fi communications and protect against intrusions. Identity and access management solutions protect against unauthorized individuals gaining entry to the network servers. Intrusion prevention systems provide deep inspection of network traffic to prevent targeted attacks.

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