Innovation across industries

Avnet Integrated works with a wide range of innovators in all industries. We understand the challenges that businesses face that are critical to success. In this section, we have gathered some examples of how we have helped businesses in certain industries to innovate.

Industrial automation

One of the fastest-growing industry sectors, industrial automation is reshaping the ways that manufacturers operate and produce goods.

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automobiles being manufactured in modern plant


Opportunities abound in the medical and healthcare sector for diagnostic tools that achieve better results, monitoring equipment for patients that improves caregiving and machines for disease treatment that are more effective than earlier generations.

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young woman entering large medical imaging machine

Building security and automation

Facilities managers, building owners, and property management companies can benefit from technologies that strengthen building security, help ensure temperature and humidity control in interior environments cost effectively and provide oversight of facilities to provide the best experiences for tenants.

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video camera mounted high atop building


Casino owners and operators employ advanced technologies throughout each customer visit and leverage cloud technologies to gain analytical insights into every area of the business.

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casino interior with rows of electronic gaming consoles


The digital transformation of retail extends from digital signage in the storefront to the back-end servers capturing and analyzing data about inventory levels, customer preferences and supply chain information.

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woman using smartphone to make payment at store


The transportation sector includes development opportunities that range from navigation systems for helicopters to driving panels for tractors.

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commercial truck driving on highway

Mixed Media-enterprise storage

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Enterprise storage

Trends in the IT industry point to a sharp rise in the collection, management and storage of data, calling for new applications and services that can extract business value and intelligence from big data sources and other enterprise operations.

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racks of computer equipment in datacenter

Media and entertainment

Video content creators and media outlets that work daily with digital content development and distribution are looking for solutions that make workflow easier and content delivery more efficient, opening new possibilities for innovative product offerings.

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Man holding video camera at concert

Network security

Enterprises and cloud service providers are bracing for new forms of network security threats as attack methods become more sophisticated and global regulations require rigorous protections be implemented for the storage, transfer and processing of data.

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man and woman standing in computer room

Communications and networking

Emerging technologies and digital transformation initiatives give network service providers and telecommunications firms a means to introduce innovative services and develop unique business models.

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Designing innovation

Avnet Integrated offers complete hardware and software integration to build the optimal solution that fulfills your requirements

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The story of Code42

When Code42 needed to address their own complex business operations, they turned to Avnet’s Integrated Solutions team for access to our world-class capabilities and industry-leading technologies

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