The transportation sector includes development opportunities that range from navigation systems for helicopters to driving panels for tractors. Prospective solutions span information services and vehicle controls for moving people or goods, as well as the infrastructure that supports air, sea, and land traffic.

Planes, seagoing vessels, commercial trucks, and trains often encounter harsh environments, requiring ruggedized computing and navigational equipment. Avnet Integrated Solutions offers technology guidance, component recommendations, and solution advice for developing solutions to meet transportation sector challenges.

For example, the control panels used by the flight attendants to identify passengers, issue alerts, change lighting and monitor onboard conditions needs to be reliable and rugged with high availability.

Avnet Integrated has the knowledge and expertise to help select components, enclosures, controls, and other build element that function well despite heat, cold, heavy vibrations, moisture, and other environmental factors.

The automotive sector is another area where innovation is flourishing. Digital services for vehicles and connected car technologies are turning automobiles into mobile communication centers. Built-in telematics devices, in-console infotainment systems and 5G technology enable vehicles to be connected to sources of personalized information and entertainment, maintenance alerts and navigational guidance. Autonomous driving is rapidly advancing from proofs-of-concept to real-world implementations, opening another area where enterprising companies can build and deploy supporting devices.

Avnet Integrated is ready to help you in any of these types of ventures, bringing engineering skills and knowledge to overcome the challenges.

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Application examples

For supporting airborne camera work, an enhanced reality system combines vector overlays with real-time camera operations in a single unit, identifying points of interest, streets, buildings and objects on the ground. To improve tractor control and provide guidance to operators, a built-in touch panel delivers information and highlights workflow sequences. Satellite technology measures the speed and real-time location of a moving train, an important advance for safety and routing applications. To improve the accuracy and efficiency of airline maintenance, a handheld device relays key flight data and defect logs to maintenance crews for enhancing repair efforts.

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