Enhance energy efficacy usage

Our Smart Energy Monitoring Solution offers an all-inclusive software service to help you substantially enhance energy efficacy usage while reducing conservation effects, dipping consumptions and functioning expenses.

Powered by real-time data from IoT sensors, big data analytics and artificial intelligence, the solution can recognize enormous energy-saving prospects. It even reduces energy consumption to a great extent.

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Easy to use, efficient solutions

Three mobile display screenshots of the smart energy monitoring dashboardThe Smart Energy Monitoring Solution is easy to use once installed as it comes with an intuitive dashboard that can be accessed using mobile devices. The solution is capable of communicating with building resources, controlling information and providing rich insights to optimize the energy usage and take smart actions.

The application on your mobile device can grab data from other monitoring sources and display it in a single dashboard, making it easy to monitor energy use at diverse locations and from other devices.

All sensors and resources are connected to the gateway that communicates with an IoT platform for advanced data analytics. It uses the internet connection to synchronize its data storage to the cloud. You won’t even need a specific configuration at your end, unless you have a very complex network. Plus, we can provide an API solution to fit your use case.

From a complete training on installing and operating the system in the cloud, the Smart Energy Monitoring solution makes monitoring easy.

Benefits of smart energy monitoring

  • Energy efficient: It helps you reduce expenditure on energy—not by cutting down the usage but by preventing wastage.
  • Detects abnormal patterns: The system records, stores and helps users to visualize data with the help of data analytics.
  • Optimizes cost and comfort: It manages energy consumption conferring to economic and commercial standards.
  • Remote centralized management: It is enabled with centralized monitoring with control in real-time simplifying conservation.
  • Improved sustainability: Amalgamation of this system guarantees a reduction in operating costs, which results in continued savings over time.


  • Real-time monitoring energy quality control
  • Advanced data analytics using AI
  • Analysis of equipment performance
  • Consumption control patterns visualization
  • KPI parameters definition for analysis & dashboards
  • Multiple objects management
  • Customizable reports
  • Predictive energy optimization

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