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As well as designing and manufacturing perfect hardware solutions, Avnet Integrated offers an unmatched capability when it comes to software. We were Microsoft’s first industrial OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner and we are still their biggest OEM partner and authorised IOT distributor globally. We are a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and we have our own Microsoft IoT and Azure offerings, available exclusively through Avnet. We are also a globally authorized distributor of VMWare, Nebulus, CodeIT and IoTConnect solutions.

This experience means we can provide our customers with access to cutting edge technology and vast knowledge, built up over many years. From ideation through to finished product, our strong combination of both hardware, software and distribution allows Avnet Integrated to support a whole range of Embedded OEM customers and provide in-depth solutions and support with license procurement across Microsoft’s entire embedded product families and technologies.

Why Avnet for Embedded Software?

  • We can help you translate your product ideas into safe, secure and scalable solutions and get you to market faster.
  • Our expertise and experience mean we can support and advise you throughout the product development lifecycle on the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, saving you both time and money and shortening the development process.
  • By handling all elements of hardware, software, licensing and logistics, you can focus on innovation and your core businesses, knowing everything else is taken care of by our team of experts.
  • Experts in operating systems, we can help with IoT, cloud, hybrid cloud, security and virtualisation options.
  • We offer a full range of complementary services such as software development, advice, loading and distribution.
  • Our support on image verification helps you reduce your software footprint, increase security and control update instances.
  • We provide dedicated training and support services when you need them. For example, our image workshop training shows you how to create a best practice image in 3-4 days. We also offer IoT workshops, and IoT and digitisation training.
  • Our teams are local and responsive, but we still have a global reach to support you wherever you are.

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