Avnet Licence Support for Windows 10

All Window 10 IoT Enterprise licences are available in 2 versions:

  • Standard licence where the COA contains the key
  • EPKEA licence with a company-unique key which is used for activation. This key can be obtained through Avnet Integrated.

Standard licence where the COA contains the key

     Prevous Atomic COA / Atomic PC COA (Proton)    New Conifer COA / Confer PC COA (Pine)
EPKEA licence with a company-unique key which is used for activation

We have a team of in-house technical licence specialists that can assist you with licence management. We can answer in depth technical queries to help ensure you are getting the solution that you need for your business. We can provide Embedded licensing, saving you time and money and licensing for Windows 10 IoT and Server, as well as other Microsoft solutions.

Through our Extended Security Update (ESU) scheme, we can also support older versions of Microsoft licence as well. You can find out more about that here (LINK). If you don’t know the exact part number you need for your Microsoft licence, we can help you understand the benefits of different licence options and ensure you select the right one.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the Windows 10 version for embedded OEMs producing dedicated equipment for a specific application. The table below shows the difference between non-embedded and embedded versions of Windows 10.

Windows License table

Value-Based Pricing

The 2019 version price model a value-based model, depending on CPU performance. This means that Embedded licence customer can buy the licence which best matches the value of the processor that is being used, compared to commercial licences which are only available at a single price point.

3 levels are available, as follows:

                Windows 10 IoT Enterprise ‘Entry’
                Windows 10 IoT Enterprise ‘Value’
                Windows 10 IoT Enterprise ‘High End’

Ordering Information

Win 10 loT Enterprise  Entry Value  High End 
LTSC 2019 MUV-00004 MUV-00004 MUT-00010
LTSC 2019 EPKEA MUV-00005 MUV-00005 MUV-00013
SAC 6F6-00032 6F6-00031 6F6-00030
SAC EPKEA 6F6-00038 6F6-00037 6F6-00036


Which is the right channel to buy your Windows 10 and Windows IoT Server licence?

  • The OEM IoT / Embedded channel was created for those businesses making dedicated devices. It is optimised for features, pricing and licensing rights and is available through Avnet Integrated.
  • The general-purpose OEM channel only licences Windows 10 Pro and Home editions.
  • The volume licencing channel provides businesses with enterprise offerings for their internal devices.

So, if you’re looking for Windows 10 IoT Enterprise or Windows Server IoT 2019, the OEM Embedded channel is the right one for you.



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