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Microsoft Windows Embedded

Microsoft’s Windows Embedded family of operating systems and tools help businesses leverage intelligent solutions to gather, store and process data while remaining safe and secure.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is designed for dedicated devices with advanced lockdown features, 10 years of support and special pricing.

Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise are intended for general purpose business PCs and laptops. Pro releases are only supported for 18 months. Enterprise, while the same as IoT Enterprise is only licenced to end-users and so can’t be re-sold. Windows 10 Home is designed for personal use.

For this reason, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is the licence that OEMs need. OEMs have the ability to customize and configure a unique software image based on their own product, and combined with task specific hardware, create new embedded devices for the Internet of Things or a whole range of fixed function devices.

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Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise offer a host of new features that help with security and the management of multiple devices. The ability to extend intelligent computing to devices on the edge of networks via the cloud has helped to connect and protect networks and devices as never before.

With intelligent security built in, Windows 10 protects, detects and automatically responds to malware and hacking threats, while safeguarding user identities, devices and business information. These built in security solutions provide end to end security lifecycle management for endpoints as well, allowing protection of even complex multi-platform environments.

Including anti-ransomware, Windows Defender System Guard, Defender Antivirus and other features such as Windows Hello for Business and Information Protection, as an OEM you can be sure your systems and devices are secure and protected.

With Windows 10 there is no longer a difference between desktop and embedded licence versions – lockdown features are available as an optional windows component that can be enabled. Likewise, the difference between Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is a difference in licence terms which determines how each version can be used.

The embedded version comes in 2 different models:

  • Win 10 IoT Enterprise LTSC (Long Term Service Channel) 2019 – No automatic feature updates, only security updates. The LTSC version is supported for 10 years from release.
  • Win 10 IoT Enterprise SAC (Semi-Annual Channel) – Feature updates can be delayed but will be installed. This gives the user the opportunity to test and verify updates before automatic install.

Windows Server IoT 2019

Windows Server IoT 2019 is a full version of Windows Server 2019 and it shares all the benefits of the world-wide Windows ecosystem.

It is a binary equivalent to Windows Server 2019, so you can use the same familiar development and management tools that you use on your internal and general-purpose servers. However, when it comes to licensing, distribution and resale to end-customers, the general-purpose and IoT versions differ in the same way as Windows 10 Enterprise. An Embedded Microsoft CLA is required to benefit from IoT licenses and pricing, available from Microsoft through the OEM distribution channel - specifically for manufactures of dedicated solutions and devices.



Why Choose Avnet Integrated for your Windows 10 Embedded Products and Solutions?

We are a world leader in technology design and manufacture. We know all about the development and manufacture of embedded products and can help you accelerate product development, reduce risk and save time, budget and resources. Through our acquisition of MSC in Germany, we are an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) ourselves. We have the in-house technical expertise to assist you at all stages of your product development and manufacture.

As one of the largest distributors in EMEA, we can also use our extensive distribution network to support you with direct delivery of your finished products.

What to consider when choosing an Operating System (OS) for your embedded devices

Long-term support OS updated Security

Your device will be in service for many years.  How will you get support in the future?

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is supported for 10 years.

Your device will need to be updated with security patches and bug fixes.

Microsoft provides many options for both cloud and on-premise OS updating.

Windows 10 IoT Enterprise includes the latest security advances in Windows 10 to protect your IoT solutions from device to cloud.

Long product lifetime Management Full featured

Continue to produce and sell your devices for 10 years.

Extend your product lifecycle with Embedded licenses.

Licenses are available for 10 years, from Microsoft release date.

No need to buy the latest release and perform additional costly downgrade actions.

Device management is key to keeping a device operating smoothly.

Microsoft has been providing enterprise-grade management for decades and most of the existing tools used to manage Windows work with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.
Windows 10 IoT Enterprise has built-in features for machine learning, speech, cognitive services, container support, ROS and video & audio processing.  No third-party libraries are required.



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