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Infineon robotics components

Featured product

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS) - MPQ8880 Synchronous step-down converter with AEC qualification

High input voltage of 60V make it an ideal fit for either 12V or 24V battery applications, making sure there’s enough headroom for cold crank cases. High output current of 4A create a high performance buck regulator that can fit into power-hungry applications easily. The digital interface not only gives benefits during evaluation of the power supply but also helps to trace back application parameters such as output voltage, chip temperature or current consumption.

Learn more about the MPQ8880 in our webinar on April 22nd, 2021 – register here.


EMEA FS - AVS Smart Industry Podcast

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Our power is your core for success

Achieving zero losses during switching applications is the dream of every engineer. However, there is always some power dissipation in practical switches due to some voltage being present across the switch during the on-state and non-zero transition times. Nonetheless, engineers can achieve the lowest possible switching losses by applying the right IGBT, superjunction, SiC, and GaN technologies.  

Our whitepaper will take a look at the main factors engineers need to consider to select GaN or SiC MOSFET devices for high-voltage switching applications. Using practical examples, this whitepaper covers essential tips, such as checking the operating conditions, ascertaining application requirements, and choosing the right device based on the switching frequency kHz-voltage range. 
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