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    Smart Industry - The IoT Business Magazine features perspectives
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Featured product

Avnet Silica miniPOC Kit featuring LoRa®

The miniPOC Kit is a proof-of-concept (POC) kit that is ready to evaluate LoRaWAN™ based use cases, and offers a solution including end-to-end integration with multi-sensor, gateway, cloud connectivity, device management, visualization and analytics.

Ideal for developing cloud-based condition monitoring, predictive maintenance and device management, the kit comprises all the necessary elements to take customer IoT solutions from the edge to the cloud:

  • LoRAWAN™ Gateway
  • Mutli-sensor
  • Cloud connectivity


Discover the world of IoT and AI with Smart Industry – the IoT Business Magazine

6th edition is available now!

AI means business. Artificial intelligence (AI) is almost everywhere. Around the world, applications for AI are popping up all over the place. Once something only for nerds, AI is transforming virtually every aspect of business, from supply chains to hiring, manufacturing to marketing, and customer services to medicine. And managers everywhere are asking themselves: how can I best seize upon the business potential of AI?

Visit the Smart Industry website to read the full article and for more business insights into AI. You can also order a free print version of the current issue.

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