Avnet ASIC Solutions

Avnet ASIC Solutions is your one-stop-shop for ASIC Design Services and Turnkey manufacturing services, operating for over 30 years with 350 successful completed projects. We can step in with a very skilled design team and offer you flexible business models. 
We offer a complete range of ASIC services, from specification to mass production, with robust design practices and smooth ramp path to mass production.

Our service for you: 

  • Logic Design
  • Verification
  • Emulation
  • Synthesis
  • Backend (Chip Layout)
  • Design for Test
  • Physical Verifications
  • Package Development
  • Production Test Program
  • Production Test H/W Development
  • Mass Production Logistics Management



Avnet ASIC Solutions has strong established relationships with the main foundries like Samsung, TSMC, Global Foundry, ST, Xfab and SocioNext. We choose the technology that is most suited for a particular application and your specific needs and we take charge to enable you to work with a single point of contact only: Avnet ASIC Solutions. Our proven technology nodes expertise get down to advanced EUV 7nm for Digital, Analog or Mix Signal designs.
The ASIC focus application areas are: Automotive, Industrial, Artificial Intelligent, Consumer, Internet of Things, Bio- Medical, Communication, Crypto Currency and many more. 

End of Life Solutions:
The current and upcoming market changes bring more and more mature technology to an End of Life Status. The needed re-designs can often not be implemented in time with all re-design and re-qualification needs.
Avnet ASIC Solutions offers you to develop pin compatible solutions which avoid system re-design and re-qualification. Our replacement capabilities are Analog, Digital, Mix Signal as well as old ASIC (standard cell and gate array) and FPGAs with the capability to offer 5V and 5V/3.3V core voltage.

Visit avnet-asic.com for more information or contact us at asic-solutions@avnet.eu

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Business models

Our objective at Avnet ASIC is to find the ideal business solution for each and every customer, ensuring low risk, attractive costs, high quality and on-time delivery.

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Design services

We provide a complete range of ASIC/SoC design services for digital, analog, mixed signal and FPGA devices, as well as structured ASIC.

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Turnkey manufacturing

Avnet ASIC provides comprehensive turnkey production services to customers, who have design capabilities and can provide a verified GDSII, but need support to bring the device to production and to handle the production supply chain.

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