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Infineon TLE5501

XENSIV™ TLE5501 E0001 - 360° TMR-based angle sensor that detects the orientation of a magnetic field

Infineon TLE5501 chip image

The new XENSIV™ TLE5501 angle sensor family is a milestone: Infineon is the first supplier in the market to achieve the highest automotive functional safety grade ASIL D for angle sensors with only one single sensor chip.

The TLE5501 is a 360° TMR-based angle sensor that detects the orientation of a magnetic field. This is achieved by measuring sine and cosine angle components with Tunneling Magneto Resistance (TMR) elements. These raw signals (sine and cosine) are provided as a differential output signal and can directly be further processed within a micro controller. The large output voltage of the bridge renders any further signal amplification unnecessary.


  • Large output signals of up to 0.37 V/V for direct microcontroller connection
  • Discrete bridge with differential sine and cosine output
  • Very low supply current: ~2 mA
  • Magnetic field range (20 mT to 100 mT)
  • Typ. angle error ~ 1.0 ° (over temperature and lifetime)
  • DSO-8 package
  • Pin compatible to TLE5009


  • Cost benefit as no internal amplifier needed due to the TMR technology’s high sensing sensitivity
  • Cost benefit due to TMR technology’s very low temperature drift reducing external calibration and compensation efforts
  • Very low current consumption, which is as low as 2 mA for TLE5501
  • Cost-efficient drop-in for applications using the pin-compatible established Infineon TLE5009


  • Steering Angle Sensor (SAS)
  • Top column module & gear selector
  • BLDC motor commutation (e.g. wipers, pumps and actuators)
  • Angular Position Sensing
  • Electric Motors
  • Industrial Applications like Automation, Robotics or Gimbal

Block diagram

Infineon TLE5501 block diagram


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