New Product Introduction

ON Semiconductor XGS Image Sensor Family

XGS Image Sensor Family - enables high performance global shutter imaging using a high bandwidth, low power architecture

ON Semiconductor XGS12000 chip image

The first devices in the XGS family are 12 megapixel (XGS 12000), 9.4 megapixel (XGS 9400) and 4k UHD resolution (XGS 8000) image sensors, providing high resolution imaging up to 1-inch optical format for industrial imaging customers targeting a compact 29 mm x 29 mm camera design. 

These footprint compatible image sensors, allow camera manufacturers to leverage a single camera design across multiple product resolutions and speed grades, accelerating time to market for new camera designs.  

The advanced 3.2 μm CMOS pixel provides high sensitivity with excellent image uniformity enabling high performance imaging capabilities for applications such as machine vision, intelligent transportation systems, and broadcast imaging.

The high speed, low noise, 12−bit output enables full utilization of interfaces such as USB 3.2, Thunderbolt 2 and 10 GigE.



  • Advanced 3.2 µm global shutter pixel
  • Energy efficient design
  • Compact package
  • Available speed grades


  • High resolution with high image quality and uniformity
  • Reduced power and thermal footprints
  • Compatible with 29 x 29 mm2 camera design
  • Match to key computer interface and application requirements



  • Machine Vision
  • Security
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Inspection system (food, bottles, recycling labels, etc.)
  • Broadcasting
  • Medical
  • Scientific

Package design

ON Semiconductor XGS Package Design diagram

Common package throughout family
All resolutions support 29 x 29 mm2 camera design


Device ordering information

Device Resolution Speed Frame rate CFA Part number
XGS 12000 4096 x 3072 High 90 Mono NOIX1SN012KB-LTI
Low 28 Mono NOIX3SN012KB-LTI
XGS 9400 3072 x 3072 High 90 Mono NOIX1SN9400B-LTI
Color NOIX1SE9400B-LTI
Low 56 Mono NOIX2SN9400B-LTI
Color NOIX2SE9400B-LTI
XGS 8000 4096 x 2048 High 128 Mono NOIX1SN8000B-LTI
Color NOIX1SE8000B-LTI
Low 80 Mono NOIX2SN8000B-LTI
Color NOIX2SE8000B-LTI


Evaluation kit ordering information

Component Part number (OPN) Comment
Imager Board AGB1N0CS-GEVK Same Demo 3 headboard used for most ASD / CSD devices. Interfaces between eval system and computer
Frame Buffer Card AGBAN6CS-GEVK Drives the sensor and includes local memory for image data storage
Monochrome Headboard XGS 12000, high speed NOIX1SN012KBLFB-GEVB Contains the monochrome sensor and the required biasing
Color Headboard XGS 12000, high speed NOIX1SE012KBLFB-GEVB Contains the color sensor and the required biasing
DevWare Download from  


Three OPNs are needed for a complete evaluation system:

  • One imager board
  • One frame buffer card
  • The choice of a color or monochrome headboard

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