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ON Semiconductor USB-C/PD

ON Semiconductor offers complete portfolio of tiny, low-power USB Type-C and Power Delivery solutions

USB has a long history in consumer, computing and even automotive markets but now USB Type-C is spreading quickly into other non-traditional markets like industrial due to it’s features and convenience and is expected to replace all traditional USB ports. ON Semiconductor developed and offer a broad portfolio of USB Type-C and Power Delivery devices supporting your requirements.

The new USB-C (technically known as USB Type-C) standard enables higher performance and promises convenience for users, as well as simplicity for designers and manufacturers. ON Semiconductor delivers a complete portfolio of USB Type-C and Power Delivery (PD) solutions for all markets.

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The Universal Serial Bus (USB) Evolution

Evolution of USB technology through the years



Type-C provides a better user experience 

  • Symmetric cable. No more fighting with the cable orientation.
  • Universal cable. No need to have different cables and chargers.     
  • High performance. High speed data and high power charging.

Market is driving towards a thinner connector  

  • The connector height of previous generation connectors was limiting the ability to reduce system thickness.  
  • The industry wanted a standard connector for attaching to all mobile devices, chargers, and accessories.  

Supported by Environmental Agencies

  • The European Commission is addressing the environmental impact of the estimated 10 billion cables in use worldwide by cutting the amount of waste-creating obsolete or fringe connector standards. 


Benefit of ON Semiconductors USB-C offer

Solutions for all applications
  • Programmable solutions for flexibility 
  • Fully integrated solutions for ease of implementation
  • Switches for HV protection and audio performance
World class performance
  • Lowest controller standby power
  • Programmability through I2C to reduce MCU redundancy
  • State machine based solutions to minimize power consumption
USB-C Standards Experts
  • Early adopter of USB-C and seats on initial committees
  • Current seats on multiple committees across key application areas
  • Knowledge to anticipate spec changes
Compatibility and Flexibility
  • Full portfolio of protection load switches featuring low Rdson and fast response times
  • Innovative moisture detection algorithms preventing connector corrosion
  • Full port protection providing robust designs and limiting field returns
  • Customized solutions designed for USB-C



Block diagram

ON Semiconductor USB-C/PD - system diagram



Product type Industrial Automotive Description
Powermanagement NCP81599 NCV81599 I2C Configurable, 4-Switch Buck Boost Controller for USB-PD Power Delivery and Type-C Applications
NCP12601   Multi-Mode PWM Controller for AC-DC Power Supplies and USB Power Delivery
USB-C only Controller FUSB303B   Autonomous USB Type-C Port Controller with I2C and GPIO Control
USB-C PD Controller FUSB3307   High-Voltage Switcher for low Power offline SMPS
FUSB302B FUSB302TV Programmable USB Type-C Controller with PD
  FUSB308BV USB Type-C Port Controller with USB-PD
USB-C PD Cable Marker FUSB380C   Autonomous USB Type-C Cable Marker
Dataline Protection Switch FUSB251   USB Type-C CC and SBU Protection IC
USB-C Audio Switch FSA4480   USB Type-C Analog Audio Switch with Protection
USB-C SS Switch FUSB340   USB 3.1 SuperSpeed Data Switch, 10 Gbps
VBUS Protection Switch FPF2895C FPF2895V Current Limit Load Switch with OVP and TRCB, 28 V, 5 A for USB PD


Reference Designs

Reference Design Main Products Value Proposition
100W 2 Port USB-C PD Source NCV81599
This Strata based charging system demonstrates ON Semiconductor's broad portfolio of USB-PD and Power Solutions. The Strata software provides full control over the system and allows the user to experiment with various fault and fold back features, change power profiles on each port, and monitor telemetry while charging various load devices. Design collateral available including schematics, PCB layout, and test reports.
200 W USB-PD 4 Port AC/DC Charger NCP1399
The 4-Port USB-PD Source showcases ON Semiconductor's broad portfolio of USB-PD power solutions. All ports are 100W capable with a total max system power limited to 200W using our First Come First Served power management algorithm. The Strata software provides powerful controls to test power profile configurations such as optional "assured" port 1 power, experiment with various fault and foldback features, and monitor system telemetry while charging various load devices. Design collateral such as schematics, PCB layout, test reports, etc. are supplied in the same Strata interface to ease evaluation.
60W USB-C 3.0 and PPS DC/DC Charger NCV81599
This design demonstrates the potential of a 4-switch synchronous buck boost controller along with a fully compliant USB Type-C r1.4 and PD3.0 adaptive source charging controller utilizing ON Semiconductor’s NCV81599 and FUSB3307 in a 60W ultra-high density design. It is 4.5V – 32V input and 5V, 9 V, 12 V, 15 V and 20 V output for USB PD applications.
65W USB-C PD 3.0 AC/DC Charger NCP12601
The NCP12601 is a multi-mode controller which implements valley switching mode with a proprietary lockout scheme for noise-free operations. In high power conditions, the part operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM). As the load decreases, the converter enters discontinuous conduction mode (DCM). The NCP12601 controller is optimized for USB PD applications with the integration of high-voltage start-up, X2 discharge, auto-tuning OCP, and low loss dynamic self-supply.


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