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Renesas RE Family

The RE Family of SOTB™ process-based energy harvesting embedded controllers realizes intelligent and battery maintenance-free IoT devices.

Front and back side of Renesas' RE Family product sample

The RE Family based on Renesas' innovative SOTB™ process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and fast operation at low operation voltage, which is impossible to achieve with a conventional bulk transistor. The energy harvesting controller and 32-bit CPU also enable the development of intelligent and battery maintenance-free energy harvesting IoT devices.

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The first product based on SOTB™ process technology realizes intelligent and battery maintenance-free IoT devices

The RE01 Group uses Renesas' innovative SOTB™ process technology and realizes both ultra-low active current and ultra-low standby current, and high-speed operation (maximum 64MHz) at low voltage (1.62V), which is impossible with a conventional bulk transistor, and is an embedded controller that can operate by energy harvesting. It is equipped with an energy harvesting control circuit, ultra-low power consumption 14-bit ADC (approx. 4uA), flash (rewrite at less than 1mA), parallel MIP-LCD interface, 2D graphics, UI for clock movement, and security functions such as a trusted secure IP. It also has large-capacity 1.5MB flash and 256KB SRAM that can handle data logging and firmware updates. Therefore, the RE01 Group is suitable for wearable devices, home appliances, building automation, industrial sensor devices, smart locks, asset trackers, and other applications.


RE01 256KB - 705 ULPMark-CP score global top class ultra-low power MCU based on SOTB™ process technology

Key features

  • The world’s most energy efficient
    • Active current:25μA/MHz / 12μA/MHz(Ex DCDC)
    • Standby current:400nA
  • High-speed operation at low voltage
    • High-speed operation 64MHz at low voltage 1.62V
    • 32-bit CPU Arm® Cortex®-M0+
  • Ultra-low power peripherals
    • 14-bitADC:4uA, Flash programing:0.6mA、
    • RTC operation in Deep standby 380nA@1.8V
    • Energy harvesting control circuit
  • Strong security
    • Trusted Secure IP (AES, Random number generation)
    • Secure updating of flash memory, Secure boot


  • Smart Home/Building
  • Structure Health Monitoring
  • Tracker
  • Wearable



RE01 1500KB Group - Ultra-low power products with 1.5-Mbyte Flash Memory

Key features

  • SOTB process technology
  • Active current: 35μA/MHz, 15μA/MHz w/ external DCDC (ISL9123)
  • Standby current: 500nA
  • Cortex-M0+ up to 64MHz at 1.62V
  • Large flash: 1.5MB / SRAM: 256KB
  • On-chip energy harvesting control circuit
  • Low power 14-bit ADC (4uA)
  • Low power flash programing (0.6mA)
  • MIP-LCD parallel interface 
  • 2D-graphics engine
  • Motor driver control for clock
  • Security function using Trusted Secure IP


Customer’s system can have: 

  • Longer battery life with same size battery
  • High-speed operation under limited power supply such as energy harvesting, coin cell battery and industry standard (ex. ErP standard in Europe and 4-20mA transmitter for industry)
  • Reduced form factor by using smaller battery with same level of performance


  • Hybrid watch 
  • Smart home
  • Smart building 
  • Healthcare 
  • Metering 
  • Tracker



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