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STMicroelectronics STM32H735IG

STM32H735IG - High-performance and DSP with DP-FPU, Arm Cortex-M7 MCU with 1 MByte Flash, 564 KBytes RAM, 550 MHz CPU, L1 cache, external memory interface, SMPS, subset of peripherals including a Crypto accelerator

STMicroelectronics STM32 H735G-DK with screen turned on

STM32H735xG devices are based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M7 32-bit RISC core operating at up to 550 MHz. The Cortex® -M7 core features a floating point unit (FPU) which supports Arm® double-precision (IEEE 754 compliant) and single-precision data-processing instructions and data types. The Cortex -M7 core includes 32 Kbytes of instruction cache and 32 Kbytes of data cache. STM32H735xG devices support a full set of DSP instructions and a memory protection unit (MPU) to enhance application security.

STM32H735xG devices incorporate high-speed embedded memories with 1 Mbyte of Flash memory, up to 564 Kbytes of RAM (including 192 Kbytes that can be shared between ITCM and AXI, plus 64 Kbytes exclusively ITCM, plus 128 Kbytes exclusively AXI, 128 Kbyte DTCM, 48 Kbytes AHB and 4 Kbytes of backup RAM), as well as an extensive range of enhanced I/Os and peripherals connected to APB buses, AHB buses, 2x32-bit multi-AHB bus matrix and a multi layer AXI interconnect supporting internal and external memory access. To improve application robustness, all memories feature error code correction (one error correction, two error detections).

The devices embed peripherals allowing mathematical/arithmetic function acceleration (CORDIC co-processor for trigonometric functions and FMAC unit for filter functions). All the devices offer three ADCs, two DACs, two operational amplifiers, two ultra-low power comparators, a low-power RTC, 4 general-purpose 32-bit timers, 12 general-purpose 16-bit timers including two PWM timers for motor control, five low-power timers, a true random number generator (RNG), and a cryptographic acceleration cell, and a HASH processor. The devices support four digital filters for external sigma-delta modulators (DFSDM). They also feature standard and advanced communication interfaces.

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Key features

  • Core
    • 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M7 CPU with DP-FPU, L1 cache: 32-Kbyte data cache and 32-Kbyte instruction cache allowing 0-wait state execution from embedded Flash memory and external memories, frequency up to 550 MHz, MPU, 1177 DMIPS/2.14 DMIPS/MHz (Dhrystone 2.1), and DSP instructions
  • Memories
    • 1 Mbyte of embedded Flash memory with ECC
    • SRAM: total 564 Kbytes all with ECC, including 128 Kbytes of data TCM RAM for critical real-time data + 432 Kbytes of system RAM (up to 256 Kbytes can remap on instruction TCM RAM for critical real time instructions) + 4 Kbytes of backup SRAM (available in the lowest-power modes)
    • Flexible external memory controller with up to 24-bit data bus: SRAM, PSRAM, SDRAM/LPSDR SDRAM, NOR/NAND memories
    • 2 x Octo-SPI interface with XiP and on-the-fly decryption support
    • 2 x SD/SDIO/MMC interface
    • Bootloader with security services support (SFI and SB-SFU)
  • Graphics
    • Chrom-ART Accelerator graphical hardware accelerator enabling enhanced graphical user interface to reduce CPU load
    • LCD-TFT controller supporting up to XGA resolution
  • Clock, reset and supply management
    • 1.62 V to 3.6 V application supply and I/O
    • POR, PDR, PVD and BOR
    • Dedicated USB power
    • Embedded DCDC and LDO regulator(*)VFQFPN68 variant is DCDC only
    • Internal oscillators: 64 MHz HSI, 48 MHz HSI48, 4 MHz CSI, 32 kHz LSI
    • External oscillators: 4-50 MHz HSE, 32.768 kHz LSE
  • Low power
    • Sleep, Stop and Standby modes
    • VBAT supply for RTC, 32×32-bit backup registers
  • Analog
    • 2×16-bit ADC, up to 3.6 MSPS in 16-bit: up to 22 channels and 7.2 MSPS in double-interleaved mode
    • 1 x 12-bit ADC, up to 5 MSPS in 12-bit, up to 12 channels
    • 2 x comparators
    • 2 x operational amplifier GBW = 8 MHz
    • 2× 12-bit D/A converters
  • Digital filters for sigma delta modulator (DFSDM)
    • 8 channels/4 filters
  • 4 DMA controllers to offload the CPU
    • 1 × MDMA with linked list support
    • 2 × dual-port DMAs with FIFO
    • 1 × basic DMA with request router capabilities
  • 24 timers
    • Seventeen 16-bit (including 5 x low power 16-bit timer available in stop mode) and four 32-bit timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse counter and quadrature (incremental) encoder input
    • 2x watchdogs, 1x SysTick timer
  • Debug mode
    • SWD and JTAG interfaces
    • 2-Kbyte embedded trace buffer
  • Up to 128 I/O ports with interrupt capability
  • Up to 35 communication interfaces
    • Up to 5 × I2C FM+ interfaces (SMBus/PMBus™)
    • Up to 5 USARTs/5 UARTs (ISO7816 interface, LIN, IrDA, modem control) and 1 x LPUART
    • Up to 6 SPIs with 4 with muxed duplex I2S for audio class accuracy via internal audio PLL or external clock and up to 5 x SPI (from 5 x USART when configured in synchronous mode)
    • 2x SAI (serial audio interface)
    • 1× FD/TT-CAN and 2xFD-CAN
    • 8- to 14-bit camera interface
    • 16-bit parallel slave synchronous interface
    • SPDIF-IN interface
    • HDMI-CEC
    • Ethernet MAC interface with DMA controller
    • USB 2.0 high-speed/full-speed device/host/OTG controller with dedicated DMA, on-chip FS PHY and ULPI for external HS PHY
    • SWPMI single-wire protocol master I/F
    • MDIO slave interface
  • Mathematical acceleration
    • CORDIC for trigonometric functions acceleration
    • FMAC: Filter mathematical accelerator
  • Digital temperature sensor
  • Cryptographic/HASH acceleration
    • AES 128, 192, 256, TDES, HASH (MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2), HMAC
    • 2x OTFDEC AES-128 in CTR mode for Octo-SPI memory encryption/decryption
  • True random number generator
  • CRC calculation unit
  • RTC with sub-second accuracy and hardware calendar
  • ROP, PC-ROP, tamper detection, secure firmware upgrade support
  • 96-bit unique ID
  • All packages are ECOPACK2 compliant


Block diagram

STMicroelectronics STM32 H735G-DK block diagram


STM32H735G-DK - Discovery kit with STM32H735IG MCU

The STM32H735G-DK Discovery kit is a complete demonstration and development platform for Arm® Cortex®-M7 core-based STM32H735IGK6U microcontroller, with 1 Mbyte of Flash memory and 564 Kbytes of SRAM.

The STM32H735G-DK Discovery kit is used as a reference design for user application development before porting to the final product, thus simplifying the application development.

The full range of hardware features available on the board helps users to enhance their application development by an evaluation of all the peripherals (such as USB OTG FS, Ethernet, microSD™ card, USART, CAN FD, SAI audio DAC stereo with audio jack input and output, MEMS digital microphone, HyperRAM™, Octo-SPI Flash memory, RGB interface LCD with capacitive touch panel, and others). ARDUINO® Uno V3, Pmod™ and STMod+ connectors provide easy connection to extension shields or daughterboards for specific applications.

STLINK-V3E is integrated into the board, as the embedded in-circuit debugger and programmer for the STM32 MCU and USB Virtual COM port bridge.
The STM32H735G-DK board comes with the STM32CubeH7 MCU Package, which provides an STM32 comprehensive software HAL library as well as various software examples.


Key features

  • STM32H735IGK6U microcontroller featuring 1 Mbyte of Flash memory and 564 Kbytes of SRAM in UFBGA176+25 package
  • 4.3" TFT 480×272 pixels colored LCD module with capacitive touch panel and RGB interface
  • Ethernet compliant with IEEE-802.3-2002 and PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • SAI audio codec
  • One ST-MEMS digital microphone
  • 512-Mbit Octal-SPI NOR Flash memory
  • 128-Mbit HyperRAM
  • Two user LEDs
  • User and reset push-buttons
  • Fan-out daughterboard
  • Three CAN FDs
  • Board connectors:
    • USB FS Micro-AB
    • USB ST-LINK Micro-B
    • Ethernet RJ45
    • Stereo headset jack including analog microphone input
    • Audio header for external speakers
    • microSD™ card
    • TAG connector 10-pin footprint
    • SMA connector
    • Arm® Cortex® 10-pin 1.27 mm-pitch debug connector over STDC14 footprint
    • ARDUINO® Uno V3 expansion connector
    • STMod+ expansion connector
    • Pmod™ Type-2A and Type-4A expansion connector
    • Audio MEMS daughterboard expansion connector
  • Flexible power-supply options:
    • STLINK-V3E USB connector
    • USB OTG FS connector
    • 5 V delivered by RJ45 (Power over Ethernet)
    • 5 V delivered by ARDUINO®
    • USB charger
  • On-board STLINK-V3E debugger/programmer with USB re-enumeration capability: mass storage, Virtual COM port, and debug port
  • Comprehensive free software libraries and examples available with the STM32CubeH7 MCU Package
  • Support of a wide choice of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) including IAR™, Keil®, and STM32CubeIDE
STMicroelectronics STM32 H735G-DK - angled view of the top side


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