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Avnet Silica product highlights

Below please find all current Avnet Silica featured Product Highlights from our leading-edge manufacturers.

Prod Maxim Microcontrollers (RM)

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Maxim Integrated

MAX32670 - High Reliability, Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller

Maxim Integrated’s 32-bit microcontrollers provide the cornerstone for building robust devices in the Internet of Things (IoT) age.

Prod ST Industrial Solutions (RM)

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STMicroelectronics & Avnet Silica

Solutions for Industrial

STMicroelectronics and Avnet Silica make it possible for you to collate and analyze data across machines to make your processes faster and more efficient.

Prod Infineon OPTIGA Trust M (WK)

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This Shield2Go board is equipped with one OPTIGA™ Trust M security chip and comes with a ready-to-use Arduino library. By combining Shield2Go boards with Infineon MyIoT adapters, customized system solutions can be developed.

Maxim Integrated & Avnet Silica

Essential Analog

In order to keep up with the steadily rising demands of both consumer and industrial electronics, Maxim delivers a broad range of rugged and reliable analog circuits to accommodate the future of wireless, wearable and microprocessor applications.

Avnet Silica

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Avnet Silica focuses on different machine learning technology areas and provides state-of-the-art machine learning solutions close to end customer applications in order to simplify the deployment of customer solutions in different key markets.

Prod Infineon 48V Solutions (RM)

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Infineon & Avnet Silica

48V Solutions

The 48V architecture opens up new possibilities to build efficient and low-cost electric drive in a light vehicle using in-wheel motors and two inverter drives.

Prod Renesas RA MCU Family (RM)

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RA MCU Family

The Renesas RA Family is a new 32-bit MCU family built on the Arm® Cortex®-M core architecture. The Renesas RA Family meets the scalability, power consumption and performance needs of nearly any embedded systems end-product.

Prod Infineon Motor Drives (RM)

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Motor Drives

Combine Infineon’s devices and strengths to create a motor control system able to set new standards in energy efficiency, dynamic behavior, robustness and longevity.


High-power Gallium Nitride FETs

Offering high power performance and high-frequency switching, the design and structure of Nexperia's normally-off GaN FET products ensure standard, low-cost gate drivers can be used in your design.

Xilinx & Avnet Silica

Automotive Solutions

Electrification, infotainment and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are changing our conception of what automobiles can be, but the technological complexity required to successfully implement these advances can hinder real progress.

Nordic Semiconductor


The nRF5340 SoC supports an extensive range of wireless protocols. It supports Bluetooth Low Energy, and is capable of all AoA and AoD roles in Bluetooth 5.1 Direction Finding, in addition to all Bluetooth 5 features, including Long Range.

Prod Marvell Ethernet Switches (RM)

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Avnet Silica & Marvell

Automotive Ethernet Switches

Avnet Silica partners with Marvell to help develop cutting-edge customer solutions using the latest Ethernet Technologies. Discover why Ethernet Switches in particular, will have a critical role in vehicles E/E architectures.

Prod Infineon 40V MOSFETs (RM)

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General purpose ≤40 V MOSFETs

Select conveniently from Infineon's broad easy-to-use ≤40 V power MOSFET portfolio, available to you at a competitive price.


RE Family

The RE Family based on Renesas' innovative SOTB™ process technology realizes ultra-low current consumption in both active and standby mode and fast operation at low operation voltage.

Prod Maxim Himalaya uSLIC power modules (RM)

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Maxim Integrated

Himalaya uSLIC Power Modules

Smallest packages available, while accepting a wide input voltage from 4.0V to 60V - new modules available.

STMicroelectornics STM32L4+ chip image

Prod ON Semiconductor XGS Image Sensor Family (RM)

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ON Semiconductor

XGS Image Sensor Family

The first devices in the XGS family are 12 megapixel (XGS 12000), 9.4 megapixel (XGS 9400) and 4k UHD resolution (XGS 8000) image sensors, providing high resolution imaging up to 1-inch optical format for industrial imaging customers.