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ON Semiconductor image sensors

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Capture the formerly unseen

ON Semiconductor’s ultra-light sensitive and high-speed image sensors enable your products to provide unmatched imaging solutions.

ON Semiconductor’s high performance image sensors are ideally suited for machine vision and other industrial imaging applications that require advanced sensitivity, resolution and dynamic range. With our integrated portfolio of high performance image sensors, customers can deliver new and differentiated solutions faster.

PYTHON global shutter CMOS image sensors

With resolutions from VGA to 25 megapixels, the PYTHON family of image sensors addresses the needs of general purpose industrial imaging applications such as machine vision inspection and motion monitoring, security, surveillance, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Combining flexibility in configuration and resolution with high speed and high sensitivity, these devices capture fast moving scenes without distortion by combining low read noise and high sensitivity with frame rates up to 815 fps.

ON Semiconductor’s PYTHON family of CMOS image sensors has been designed to have a single family of image sensors that share common characteristics in order to simplify and standardize camera designs. This family of high performance image sensors allows camera manufacturers to leverage a single design to provide a full family of cameras.  The image sensor family includes nine separate devices, ranging in resolution from VGA to 25 megapixels and in frame rate from 80 to over 800 frames per second.  Each device is available in monochrome, color, and extended near-infrared (NIR) configurations, enabling a total of 27 different cameras to be designed from only 2 PCBs.  These devices also support small form factor camera designs based on their LCC 48-84 and µPGA-355 pin package configurations.

The PYTHON image sensors are also designed to provide very high bandwidth – with 4, 8, 16, or 32 LVDS channels each running at 720 MHz that provide up to twice the speed of single channel USB 3.1 or 10 GigE connections.  And since high speed inspection also requires stop-motion image capture, all of the PYTHON devices are designed with an efficient Global Shutter pixel design.  When combined, this high level of standardization allows a large family of cameras to be developed efficiently. 


  • CDS global shutter technology with low noise performance
  • True HW scalable family concept
  • High configurability and fast adaptability
  • High frame rates
  • Multiple regions of interest
  • High dynamic range
  • Color, Monochrome, and Enhanced NIR configurations
  • Standard and protective tape configurations
  • Standard and low-power configurations

Evaluation boards & software

ON Semiconductor Image Sensor Evaluation Kits enable customers to easily and quickly evaluate the performance of ON Semiconductor imaging devices, including the full family of PYTHON image sensors, without the need to develop a full camera design.

When combined with ON Semiconductor Sensor Studio II software, this evaluation system allows full control of the image sensor’s register settings and enables video recording, still image capture, and image analysis. With this level of programmability, CMOS sensor functionality such as global shutter, very fast frame rate, high NIR sensitivity, and multiple regions of interest can be rapidly evaluated.

PYTHON evaluation kit contains:

  • Image Capture Board + Tripod Mount
  • Head Board (Sensor installed & Lens Mount affixed)
  • USB 3.0 Cable (2 meter Length)
  • Quick Start Guide
Device Resolution (MPix) Pixel Count
Diagonal (mm) Lens CFA* FPS Max Evaluation Kit
Python 300 0.3 640 x 480 4.8 3.8 1/4" C/M/NIR 815
Python 500 0.5 800 x 600 4.8 4.8 1/3.6" C/M/NIR 545
Python 1300 1.3 1280 x 1024 4.8 7.9 1/2" C/M/NIR 210
Python 2000 2.3 1920 x 1200 4.8 10.9 2/3" C/M/NIR 225
Python 5000 5.3 2592 x 2048 4.8 15.9 1" C/M/NIR 100
Python 10K 11.1 3840 x 2896 4.5 21.6 4/3 C/M/NIR 175
Python 12K 12.5 4096 x 3072 4.5 23.0 4/3 C/M/NIR 160
Python 16K 16.8 4096 x 4096 4.5 26.1 APS-H C/M/NIR 120
Python 25K 26.2 5120 x 5120 4.5 32.6 APS-H C/M/NIR 80

*CFA Options - Bayer Color (C), Monochrome (M), Enhanced (NIR)

ON Semiconductor image sensor products

Prod ON Python 1300 C Camera Module (BN)

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ON Semiconductor & Avnet

PYTHON-1300-C Camera Module

The PYTHON-1300 Color Image Sensor Camera Module is available in out online store. Part number: AES-CAM-ON-P1300C-G