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STMicroelectronics Motor Drivers Title

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STMicroelectronics motor drivers

STMicroelectronics Motor Drivers (MM)

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STSPIN™ motor drivers - leading in integration, performance and efficiency

The line-up of STSPIN motor drivers embeds all the functions needed to drive motors efficiently and with the highest accuracy, and include an advanced motion profile generator to relieve the host microcontroller, while ensuring robustness and reliability thanks to a comprehensive set of protection and diagnostic features.

Operating from a supply voltage as low as 1.8 V, the portfolio has been extended with the introduction of low-voltage STSPIN motor drivers which enable power savings in battery-powered smart devices thanks to the best-in-class standby current of less than 80 nA.

  • Scalable and flexible for all motor types with wide operating voltage, current and temperature range
  • Extensive diagnostics and fully-protected to reduce the number of external components, cost and complexity
  • Up to 256 micro-steps per step for unprecedented smooth and silent motion
  • Multiple package options to meet a variety of design challenges from board space to thermally harsh environments
  • Comprehensive development environment for fast and easy design


Motor Type System partitioning Typical power range (W) Part number
Stepper Controllers 20 - 1000 L6480, L6482, L6506, L297
Drivers with integrated FETs < 10 STSPIN220
5 -90 L6472, L6470, L6474, L6228, L6208
40 - 600 POWERSTEP01
Brushed DC < 10 STSPIN240
5 - 90 L6227, L6226, L6225, L6207, L6206, L6205, L6203, L6201, L298, L293, L2293Q
5 - 60 L6229, L6235, L6234, L6230
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Prod STMicroelectronics STSPIN32F0 (RM)

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New STSPIN motor driver IC integrates an advanced BLDC controller and a 32-bit MCU in a 7x7 mm footprint. With STSPIN32F0, the fourth industrial revolution arrives in motor control!