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Intersil ISL 32704E Title (MT)

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Intersil ISL32704E

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Intersil ISL32704E - industry's smallest isolated RS-485 transceiver

The industry's smallest isolated RS-485 differential bus transceiver ISL32704E is designed to provide high speed 4Mbps bidirectional data transmission for IIoT networks. The device delivers industry-leading electromagnetic interference (EMI) and common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) in a small 4mm x 5mm QSOP package that is 70% smaller than competitive devices. It also provides 600VRMS of working voltage, which is approximately 50% higher than the closest competitor.

The ISL32704E RS-485 transceiver leverages giant magnetoresistance (GMR) technology to provide galvanic isolation that keeps the communication bus free from common-mode noise generated in electrically noisy factory and building automation environments.

The advantage of Intersil's ISL32704E GMR isolation over other isolation technologies is its low radiated emission and low EMI susceptibility.

The ISL32704E also offers 80% less power consumption than competing devices because it doesn't use current hungry power transfer coils or transformers. Its 20mA supply current allows the ISL32704E to operate in a tiny QSOP package at maximum speed without overheating.

The ISL32704EVAL1Z Evaluation Board is available from Avnet Silica.

Features & benefits

  • Intersil ISL32704E on board4Mbps data rate enables high-speed data transmission
  • 2.5kVRMS isolation per UL 1577 standard, and 600VRMS working voltage per VDE 0884 standard
  • Supports 3V to 5V power supplies
  • Single unit load allows up to 32 devices on the bus
  • 50kV/µs (typ), 30kV/µs (min) common-mode transient immunity provides reliable data transmission in noisy environments
  • Offers a barrier lifetime of 44,000 years
  • 15kV ESD bus-pin protection
  • Thermal shutdown protection


  • Factory automation 
  • Security networks 
  • Building environmental control systems
  • Industrial/process control networks
  • Level translators (i.e., RS-232 to RS-485)

Block diagram

Intersil ISL32704E block diagram

Intersil ISL32704E teaser image