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Torex XDL601/02

Torex XDL601/02 - world's smallest AEC-Q100 qualified, Mmcro-DC/DC with integrated coil

The Torex XDL601/02 offers an integrated coil step-down DC/DC solution that significantly reduces PCB area and provides ultra-low EMI and excellent thermal performance. The unique packaging structure is equipped with wettable flanks and large thermal pads that ensure high levels of reliability for the automotive applications. Enhanced constant-on-time control (COT) architecture provides very fast transient response and a stable oscillation frequency that avoids harmonic noise in the critical AM frequency band.

Key features

  • Excellent performance
    • Wide 2.5V to 5.5V operating input range
    • High efficiency of up to 93%         
    • Ultra low quiescent current of 15µA
    • Up to 1.5A output current
    • Very fast transient response and stable oscillation frequency
  • Unique construction
    • Only needs two external ceramic capacitors
    • Wettable flanks
    • Superior heat dissipation
  • AEC-Q100 qualified (-40˚C ~ +105˚C)


  • Automotive ECU
  • Radar & Camera Systems
  • Ecall 
  • Telematics
Torex XDL601/02 illustration