General purpose ≤40 V MOSFETs

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Infineon General purpose ≤40 V MOSFETs

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Competitive price-performance-ratio, short lead-times*, reliable long-term supply

Struggling with finding low-power MOSFETs that can be flexibly used for various applications? You need fast delivery and want to rely on a long-term supply? Then turn to Infineon, renowned for its MOSFET-technology expertise and established high-quality standards. Select conveniently from Infineon's broad easy-to-use ≤40 V power MOSFET portfolio, available to you at a competitive price. Infineon strives to serve all sizes of companies in the mass market arena with the right products under the right conditions.

Fulfill your individual design and/or system requirements with Infineon’s product offering and your business will benefit from:

Infineon 40V MOSFETs key benefits - illustrated graphic

*The lead times communicated herein are non-binding and subject to changes. In particular, as a global company, Infineon Technologies AG, cannot avoid that our supply chain gets hit by the effects of the current CoViD-19 epidemic, leading to longer delivery times than under normal conditions.


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Infineon’s MOSFETs with their reliable performance and easy to design-in features are the safe choice for your application. Find exactly what you need and get it when you need it.


40 V OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs – Portfolio & applications

Optimized price-performance ratio, flexible application, stable supply, product longevity

Choose from a range of single and dual N-channel power MOSFETs for 12 V or 24 VDC bus voltages. Products for smaller power handling (single and dual N- and P-channel MOSFETs) are also offered. As the name discloses, Infineon’s series of ≤40 V OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs covers several voltage classes up to 40 V. The variety of available packages including SuperSO8, DPAK, PQFN (5x6, 3.3x3.3), and TO220 endorses design and application flexibility.

≤40 V OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs may help increase system performance and efficiency. Their use can result in reduced power losses thanks to the low RDS(on) values as well as low gate and output charges. By adhering to the highest quality standards, Infineon safeguards that those MOSFETs are reliably performing under various application conditions. Furthermore, the large-scale in-house manufacturing capacities ensure that customers can rely on stable and long-term product supply.

All those who are working on one of the following (or similar) applications are well advised to browse the provided selection guide and identify the best matching power MOSFET:

  • SMPS for server, telecom, and PC power
  • Adapters
  • Chargers
  • Battery-powered applications
  • Motor control and drives
  • Battery management systems
  • Inverters
  • Mobile applications
  • and more

General purpose power MOSFETs (up to 40 V)

Take a look at the selection guide. Select conveniently those MOSFETs perfectly fulfilling your design / system requirements. Multiple system-optimized products addressing a broad range of needs from low- to high-switching applications are on offer. Turn to the Avnet Silica web-shop and place your order.

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Discrete Power Quad Flat No-Lead (PQFN) inspection

The Discrete PQFN package family comprises efficient devices with a wide range of input voltages. Refer to the provided application note discussing this topic and learn more about the methods available for inspecting the quality of solder joints between device and PCB.

Download application note



Discrete Power Quad Flat No-Lead (PQFN) board mounting

Power Quad Flat No-Lead (PQFN) is a surface-mount semiconductor technology designed primarily for board-mounted power applications. It eliminates unnecessary elements of packaging that contribute to higher inductance and resistance, both thermal and electrical, so that its power capabilities exceed those of comparably sized packages. In the related application note you will find more information on device construction, design and assembly considerations, as well as on subjected mechanical tests.

Download application note

Overshoot and EMI in buck converters

Designers and engineers are commonly confronted with the same two issues when dealing with buck converters, namely overshoot and EMI. 
Infineon provides guidance on how to overcome the named challenges and presents three possible solutions.


Zero voltage switching in SMPS

One of Infineon’s experts describes how zero voltage switching (ZVS) can be achieved even at light load conditions.


Product highlights

Multiple package options for maximum design and application flexibility

30 V single N-Channel power MOSFET portfolio (logic level, in various packages)

  PQFN 5x6 mm PQFN 3.3x3.3 mm DPAK TO-220AB
RDS(on) (@10 V)
max [mΩ]
(enlarged source interconnection)
(enlarged source interconnection)
PG-TO252-3-901 PG-TO220-3-904
1.9 ISC019N03L5S
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1.1   ISC011N03L5S
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1.3     IRFH8307
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2.4             IRLB8314
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2.6 ISC026N03L5S
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3.1           IRLR8743
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3.7 ISC037N03L5IS
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4         ISZ040N03L5IS
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4.1     IRFH8324
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4.5 ISC045N03L5S
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4.8             IRLB8748
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5.8           IRLR8726
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6.5         ISZ065N03L5S
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Infineon Choosing the Right Power MOSFET | Avnet Silica

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Seminar situation

Choosing the Right Power MOSFET - Technology and Recommendations

16 Jul 2020 - 16 Jul 2020

This webinar will be focusing on the ultralow-voltage power MOSFETs (40VBRSS and below) and will try to answer the question of how to find MOSFETs that are right for your design but are also readily available, have stable supply and offer easy design-in.

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For general questions:

Local Avnet Silica offices:
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Selection Simulation Design (LC)

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Selection, simulation, and design

Convenience and ease of use are key

Selection Simulation Design Tabs

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Product and solution finder

Utmost convenience in selecting the right item from the Infineon’s ≤40 V OptiMOS™ and StrongIRFET power MOSFET assortment shall be granted by providing selection and cross-reference tools. Try them! And see how they can support you in finding what you are looking for and how this will reduce your design efforts.

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Introduction to Infineon’s simulation models for power MOSFETs

Simulation models describe the characteristics of typical devices. Although they cannot model exact device performance under all conditions, nor are they intended to replace breadboarding for final verification, they can be useful for evaluation purposes. Browse the application note to gain a better understanding of the different types of models available.

Download application note

Power MOSFET simulation models

Test one of our simulation models facilitating your search for the best-matching Infineon MOSFETs.

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