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Avnet Silica literature

Have a look at Avnet Silica's comprehensive linecard, linecards dedicated to specific markets adn technoglogies or brochures and product briefs in our literature section. 

Capability insights, whitepapers and more

Avnet eUICC brochure

Avnet Silica and IDEMIA are introducing a turnkey plug-and-play solution for flexible cellular connectivity to empower your connected objects. This future proof solution is a combination of product & services. 

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AVS Datacomms Capabilities Brochure (MM)

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Capabilitiy insights: datacom

With the spread of Ethernet through many systems and applications, Datacom is found in a huge number of applications and solutions. 

Have a look at datacomm solution examples in the Avnet Silica Datacom capability insights to learn more. 

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Datacom Brochure Cover

AVS Security Capabilities (MM)

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Capability insights: security

With our cutting-edge solutions, you can dramatically accelerate your IoT and Industry 4.0 initiatives without being hindered by security worries. In all your industrial applications, you maintain full control, at all times, over the flow, storage and processing of data produced and used by your devices – without ever exposing it to the outside world.

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LoRaWAN security solutions brochure

The TO136 is Avnet Silica’s exclusive secure element. It is manufactured on a hardware base supplied by IDEMIA and is loaded with a firmware developed by Trusted Objects and personalized with unique keys and IDs in a secure area. The TO136 is the lowest-power secure element on the market.

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Start Up guide

Whether you’re being kept awake at night by a fantastic idea or have already started development, we’re here to help. Our unparalleled range of products, expertise and services ensure you’ll get it right – the first time.

Have a look at the Avnet Silica Start Up Guide for more information about our services and solutions for Start Ups. 

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Avnet Silica Start Up Guide Cover

AVS Literature Security Whitepaper (MM)

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Whitepaper: IoT security - real problems and solutions

This paper aims at defining the real issues behind “IoT security”, the real challenges for our customers both from hardware and embedded / server software aspects and of course solutions as we envision them for the next 6 to 8 years, until our world becomes all IPv6 and 6LoWPAN.

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Avnet Silica linecard

Avnet Silica offers one of the industries' most comprehensive semiconductor manufacturer portfolios. Click below to download the complete Linecard per technology: Analog Signal Chain, MCUs | MPUs, Memory, Power, Sensors, Wireless, Programmable & SoC and Lighting.

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Automotive linecard

Have a look at our automotive linecard to check out which products we can offer for the solutions provided by Avnet Silica:

  • Automated car ADAS
  • In-vehicle networking
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Car efficiency
  • Infotainment


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Avnet Silica Automotive - smart linking, smart thinking

Aerospace Defence Linecard (MM)

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Aerospace and Defence linecard and capability insights

Whether it is ground based, sea based, avionic or space, wheather is an earth observation satellite, a telecomm or Global Positioning Satellite or even a trip to Mars and beyond - Avnet Silica supplies parts for applications where very high reliability and radiation requirements are a must.

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