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Avnet Silica presents Smart Industry - the new IoT Business Magazine. Featuring perspectives, case studies and products of innovative ventures and pioneers in IoT technology, Smart Industry offers insight into what's happening now and what is likely to happen in the future. It also discusses strategies of IoT transformation and how important IoT readiness is to a successful business model.

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The use of advanced data analytics, powered by AI, is helping humanity to address climate change in an intelligent way. That is the reason why so many technologists and business leaders, around the world, are now partnering to reduce the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases.

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SI7 Climate Change and IoT (GBL)

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Climate Change and IoT: How to Save the World

The use of advanced data analytics, powered by AI, is helping humanity to address climate change in an intelligent way.

Interview: – The Art of Tech

Smart Industry talked with Adam Benzion, a cofounder of, which bills itself as the world’s largest and fastest-growing open-source hardware community. It was aquired by Avnet in 2016.

SI7 IoT and Data Ownership (GBL)

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IoT and Data Ownership: Your Device your Data?

Who owns IoT data? It’s a question at the heart of the modern data economy. At its most fundamental, and from a legal standpoint, data can only be owned once they are gathered into a data-base or platform.

IoT in Sports: The Numbers Game

Excessive collection of statistical data is at the heart of a huge sports trend. As if crunching and interpreting vast amounts of performance-related information will allow you to look into the future.

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