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Your AI journey with Brainium and SmartEdge Agile

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End-to-end solution to deliver AI and security at the edge

Avnet’s turnkey SmartEdge Agile is a certified hardware solution with a full software stack that helps you avoid the complexities of deep learning tools and development processes. This offering allows you to build artificial intelligence models and push them to the edge with the support of Brainium’s zero-coding platform hosted on Microsoft Azure.

With SmartEdge Agile, you can use the same solution for all stages of your IoT project from proof of concept and value to pilot and production—with confidence that constant software and firmware updates along with reference designs and related BOMs keep you on the edge of the cloud and the cutting edge of development.

SmartEdge Agile isn’t just a new product, though. It also establishes a brand new category in the Internet of Things: meta-sensing. This CE and FCC-certified product is the first in a suite of hardware-software solutions that allow engineers at any level to develop and deploy AI-backed IoT solutions in as little as six months.



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AI at the edge

Artificial Intelligence is running at the edge - saving energy, bandwidth and time to react.


End-to-end security

Best in class network security has been built in, based on TLS security with ECC certificate and hardware root of trust protecting you, your network, and your reputation from attack.

Firmware -> Gateway -> Cloud


AVS IoT Smart Edge Road Map (MM)

SmartEdge Agile product roadmap

SmartEdge Agile is a configurable product with modular design meant for expansion. As the product continues to evolve, check for updates on how the product will become even more flexible to fit your needs.

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AVS IoT Smart Edge FAQ (LC)

SmartEdge Agile FAQs

AGILE and Brainium software work exclusively with each other. A combination of hardware and software IoT solution.

Brainium is an end to end IoT solution software that delivers AI and Security at the Edge. With SmartEdge agile you purchased, you are free to access to Brainium through Brainium portal. Go to Brainium portal by clicking into "Get Started".

Yes. The electronics within the Smart Edge Agile device system is designed for flexibility and to allow expansion. This requires hardware and software customization. Please speak to your local sales representative.

On Brainium portal, different set of APIs are available. If you have specific needs for an industrial size project, you should use Brainium platform*. Please speak to your local sales representative for Brainium platform details. *Brainium platform -it is the solution which contains range of pre-built software components, which can be used together to developed a specific product or service.

AGILE device is CE and FCC certified.

Once registered on Brainium portal, you have access to AI Studio. AI Studio is a machine learning tool with zero coding experience. You can train your model and push it on your device with AI Studio.

Currently there are motion and vibration analysis available in the AI studio, with more AI-based features to be integrated in the near future.

AGILE includes a secure element component. The solution is secured from Edge to Cloud based on TLS implementation and ECC certificate.

No, software license is included in AGILE cost. Once registered on Brainium portal, you have a Limited free trial period of 6 months hosting on Azure.

The portal is hosted on Azure to provide a discovery environment of the Brainium capabilities. It is limited to 6 months free usage for one Smart Edge Agile device. This 6 months free usage is based on an evaluation of a maximum daily usage of 4 hours of real time meta sensing recording and 4 hours AI training sets recording per day. Free trial period is limited for 6 months maximum and for a total of 15GB of cold storage and 2GB of traffic per SmartEdge Agile, whichever comes first.

You can keep your data created during the six months free period. If you want to continue using your AGILE or move to an industrialization phase, you should contact your Avnet local sales representative.

Avnet GDPR policy will apply for any use.



* Users are permitted to use free data up to a limited amount.

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Product Brief

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Legal and safety information

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