As an independent business unit, Avnet Logistics delivers clearly defined services to the European distributors within Avnet EMEA. We're offering:

  • Warehousing & inventory management
    Warehouse Operations cover all physical product handling: Receiving, Storing, fulfilling Value Added Orders, Shipping and RMA Product management.
  • Product modification center
    With a capacity to program over 40 million units and to tape and reel 45 million units, Avnet Logistics in Poing (Germany) currently operates the largest product modification center in Europe.
  • Solution center
    Avnet's state-of-the-art integration centers worldwide provide the most advanced integration and logistics capabilities available to handle any scope of requirements requested.
  • Quality
    ESD & Moisture Sensitivity: Virtually all materials, even conductors, can be tribo-electrically charged. The level of charge is affected by material type, speed of contact and separation, humidity and several other factors.
    Our Certificates: Avnet EM in Europe operates Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001 and EN9120. These systems cover core business activities such as Logistics, Value Added Services and Assets Management.

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Take back service for trays

Avnet Logistics Services is offering a service to enable you to send empty trays back at our costs. All you have to do is to click here:


Please log in with below mentioned login-details, submit your company details and provide details on the weight. After entering the required data, you will receive immediately a label that you can print and attach to the parcel. (This portal enables only parcel shipments under 70kg. For shipments over 70 kg, please fill out the DHL Freight Collection order

Please use the following username and password:





If you have regular collections with UPS you can hand over the parcel together with your other shipments. Otherwise get in touch with UPS to request a collection. Please check contact information for UPS here.

If you prefer to store the trays in your warehouse and send a bigger quantity on pallets, you can request a prefilled shipping document at ALS-Poing-Transportmanagement@avnet.eu. Please add your information to the form. You can send it  by clicking "email" in the file or by saving the file and emailing it to auftrag.muenchen@dhl.com. Goods will be sent directly to our warehouse where they will be washed and sorted. The invoice for the transport costs will be automatically sent to Avnet.

Please note that we can’t accept trays from non EU country because of customs issue. Freight costs for shipment made without the UPS Tool or DHL collection order won’t be paid by Avnet. For further questions, please contact ALS-Poing-Transportmanagement@avnet.eu.

For future reference, you can download instructions for our tray return service: