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Over the past few years, a revolution has occurred in the space market. New companies are entering this market with plans for low earth orbit constellations offering world wide internet, earth observation or private networks. They want the benefits of lower cost Commercial Off The Shelf  (COTs) components combined with a degree of radiation tolerance. Avnet Silica is working with their semiconductor partners to support this dynamic new market area. These suppliers are using their vast knowledge and long experience of supporting traditional radiation-hardened components to come up with innovative, lower cost, reliable radiation tolerant components.

We offer components from our supplier partners: Xilinx, Renesas, Microchip and GSI. 


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Aerospace and Defence linecard and capability insights

Whether it is ground based, sea based, avionic or space, whether is an earth observation satellite, a telecomm or Global Positioning Satellite or even a trip to Mars and beyond - Avnet Silica supplies parts for applications where very high reliability and radiation requirements are a must.

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Taking advantage of GaN in small satellite “New Space” applications

This white paper discusses how GaN FETs are an optimal fit for satellite applications, and how together, they allow more efficient switching, higher frequency operation, reduced gate drive voltage, and smaller solution sizes compared to traditional silicon counterparts.

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Low-Earth-Orbit Satellites and IoT: The Next Space Revolution

Over the past few decades, small satellites and IoT have dramatically changed the future of humans in space. The big money, that is now on business and space exploration, has moved from one-of-a-kind systems performing specific missions to satellite constellations working in concert to achieve a larger purpose.

Low-earth-orbit satellite

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