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48V electrical system and loads

The worldwide legislations towards CO2 reductions lead to the highest impact of technology shift on the powertrain and board net levels. The 48V electrical system is the key technology for electrification, ADAS and new comfort features, allowing traditional Tiers to provide additional features and services apart from supporting pure hardware only. Tiers will reassess their long-term product and technology roadmaps to provide differentiation. Avnet Silica with its dedicated Partners and Ecosystems enables Tiers to remove obstacles and competence gaps in 48V application development:
  • Technologies like security, power, sensing and connectivity enable new features and services, but require special competencies that are difficult to acquire while hiring of talents already very difficult. 
  • Electronics and Software are key differentiators in 48V applications
  • Long-Term availability of products and consultancy from Avnet Silica how the semiconductor market develops is crucial to minimize risks in the component selection in 48V applications
At Avnet Silica, we help you achieve your goals with the widest range of products combined with our proven technical and commercial advice. You also benefit from Avnet Silica’s world class support, logistics and programming services.

Click here to learn more about the path to 48V vehicle electronics.

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Featured products

Prod Infineon TLE6389-3G V50 (RM)

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TLE6389-3G V50

The TLE6389 step-down DC-DC switching controllers provide high efficiency over loads ranging from 1mA up to 2.5A. A unique PWM/PFM control scheme operates with up to a 100% duty cycle, resulting in very low dropout voltage.



The TLF35584 is a multiple output system supply for safety-relevant applications supplying 5V-μC, transceivers, and sensors by an efficient and flexible pre-/post-regulator concept over a wide input voltage range.

Prod Infineon TLE9180D-31QK (RM)

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The TLE9180D-31QK is an advanced gate driver IC dedicated to control 6 external N-channel MOSFETs forming an inverter for high current 3 phase motor drives application in the automotive sector.

Prod Infineon IAUT300N10S5N015 (RM)

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The IAUT300N10S5N015 is a 100V Automotive MOSFET in 12 x 10 mm² TO-leadless (TOLL) package with an RDS(on) of 1.5mR. With its low resistance and the capability of parallel usage it is suiting the requirements for 48V traction inverters.

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Seeking your Opinion

Fully Electric Vehicles or 48V Hybrids?

Where do you think the market is moving towards: fully electric or 48V hybrids? We want to know what our European customers think. Let us know your opinion via the poll at element14 community!



We’ll show you the right power solution whether you’re designing power components onto your board or using an AC/DC supply in your system.

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