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Automotive Ethernet Switches

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Important Role of Ethernet Switches in Vehicles E/E Architectures

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The quantity of electronics content found in a modern car is quite staggering. Back in the 1990s there would have only been a relatively small number of electronic controls units (ECUs) taking care of a few key tasks. With the advent of advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technology and the integration of increasingly more sophisticated in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) features, things are proving to be very different today. Now even an economy level car can possess as many as 100 distinct ECUs, while a luxury model might have in excess of 150.

We have now reached a stage where nobody really doubts that it will be Ethernet that forms the foundation of in-vehicle networking infrastructure in the future. Avnet Silica partners with Marvell to help develop cutting-edge customer solutions using the latest Ethernet Technologies.

Discover why Ethernet Switches in particular, will have a critical role in vehicles E/E architectures.



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The Marvell® 88Q1010 solution is a single pair Ethernet physical layer transceiver (PHY) which implements the Ethernet physical layer portion of the 100BASE-T1 standard as defi ned by the IEEE 802.3bw task force.

Prod Marvell 88Q2110 88Q2112 (RM)

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88Q2110 & 88Q2112

88Q2110/88Q2112 integrates media dependent interface (MDI) termination resistors into the PHY which simplifies the board layout and reduces board cost by reducing the number of external components.



Marvell’s second generation secure automotive Ethernet switch, 88Q5050, is an 8-port Ethernet gigabit capacity switch that is fully compliant with IEEE802.3 automotive standard.

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