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With Avnet Silica support you hit the mark

Every customer we serve is, in turn, looking to serve customers in a specific market segment. This is a key factor in the technologies and services we recommend to support your vision. Our team brings direct, personal experience in the wide range of market applications we cover and are experts at creating applications that fit. We provide comprehensive solutions that match performance levels, environmental conditions, regulatory requirements and industry standards specific to each market we engage.

Whether it’s driving cost efficiencies, system performance or time to market, Avnet Silica offers the products, services and solutions you need to innovate your way to success in the market you want to serve.

Some of the largest markets we support are below along with applications that span multiple markets:

High Rel Aerospace Spotlight (GBL)

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Aerospace and defence

We offer the very best in technical and commercial support like space graded parts and other high reliability semiconductor products.

Market Overview Embedded Vision (GBL)

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Embedded Vision

Visual inputs are the richest source of sensor information. Avnet Silica will provide you with insights into our expertise, image sensors, camera modules, processing engines and even full reference designs.

Market Overview Security Spotlight (GBL)

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Security & Surveillance

At Avnet Silica, the security of your product or helping you build state-of-the-art security appliances is a priority throughout the organization.

Market Overview Automotive Spot (GBL)

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The automotive landscape is experiencing innovation like never before. Avnet Silica puts you in the driver’s seat by providing technical assistance every step of the way.

Market Overview Energy Spotlight (GBL)

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Products, and those who support them, have to stand the test of time, often in harsh operating environments. Avnet Silica’s been serving energy OEMs for decades and will be with you for decades to come.

Market Overview Smart City Spotlight (GBL)

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Smart City

At Avnet Silica, we are doing our part to support the development of smarter cities by providing global adaptable and replicable end-to-end solutions.

Market Overview Building Home Spotlight (GBL)

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Building & Home Automation

Avnet Silica is ready to help you get your home and building automation solution off the ground and into the market.


Ready to be a part of the next wave of healthcare innovation? Avnet is your key partner in making breakthrough applications come to life.

Market Overview Wearables Spotlight (GBL)

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Avnet Silica will help you complete your customer’s experience with cloud and data center services to enable the applications connected to your wearable device.

Market Overview Communications Spotlight (GBL)

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From access to metro, residential, commercial, infrastructure, fixed line and mobile, Avnet Silica guides you through the entire communications network to find the ideal solution best suited for your needs.


Products relating to the illumination of spaces and objects cover a wide range of applications: street lighting, architectural lighting, backlighting for transmissive displays and more. We will help you to set up the lighting solution you require.